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  • gottahavwater gottahavwater Jul 12, 2011 10:14 AM Flag

    price increase biogen can't afford shots anymore they will kill me

    ms is a bad gig, but there medicine has gone from $998 a mth 10 yrs. ago to over $3000. WHY

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    • Yes, Biogen has the FDA in their pocket.

      Declare their MS products "orphan drugs", charge super high prices unrelated to their cost of development or production and rape the USA consumer. Insurance companies go along with this since they get a piece of the action, too. The other MS drugs all have different production processes but they all charge the consumer about the same. Absolutely NO price competition in this rigged market place.

      Any data showing MS drugs have any effect after 5 or 10 years? I know it works in the early stages, but there is no PUBLISHED data about long term benefits.

      As I understand it, Obamacare would have forced some price competition through price justification. But the GOP wants to continue sucking money out of Main Street to feed Wall St, so any change that might alter the cash flow is opposed.

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      • None of Biogen's products have "orphan" status anymore.

        And yes, there is published data showing long term safety/efficacy for all of the MS self-injectables now. I believe Avonex's followed patients for 16 years.

        And Biogen's Avonex doesn't remotely compare to Teva's Copaxone in terms of price ($46,000/yr) nor to Novartis' new pill, Gilenya ($48,000).

        Compared to other MS medications, Biogen's products are actually less expensive than most. The only one which is cheaper (and was proven to be substantially more effective in a published head to head comparison) is Serono's Rebif.

        I took Avonex for years and switched to Rebif, now I take 1 subcutaneous shot a week and my monthly prescription lasts 3 my copay ($50) is essentially for a 90 day supply.


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