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  • Big_green_eyes_1997 Big_green_eyes_1997 Dec 18, 1997 10:30 PM Flag

    Yo money!!!

    Hurt me some more!!! I just bought a few weeks ago. I don't even want to know how many shares...

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    • IDPH needs the additional capital to fund operations. IDPH has reported having 60mil.+ in cash and equivalents. They are
      consuming 16mil. plus per Q. Expenses of a growing co., new product launch, and drug pipeline demand they take steps to ensure the
      long term funding of the Co. What further explanation would make issuance of additional stock less sceptical to its shareholders
      ? Quite interesting the counter press release about Y2B8. Obviously there are buyers consuming IDPH shares regardless of the
      current news. Has IDPH let you down yet? Have faith in the corporate officers. Have a great day. :-)

    • Perhaps there is good reason for IDPH Management to dilute the existing 20Mil shares with an additional 2M (a 10% dilution of out equity). What is wrong however, is not to tell us why. If explanations are not forthcoming immediately, there will be an overreactive price drop.

    • Not sure what the effect the 2 mill. offering will have on IDPH stock price. IDPH definately must plan for the future
      expenses their Co. will incurr as a result of expansion, etc. as was mentioned in the press release especially with expenses of
      16mil.+/quarter. I have faith that the IDPH Board has good timing, makes sound decisions, and has the depth of experience to succeed. If
      there is a good time to make a public offering that would be now with the Nasdaq in record territory.Volume was quite high on the
      news, but still less of a percentage drop than other companies in the sector under normal trading.The recent test of the high was
      exciting. Hopefully this is an indication of what can happen with good 1Q-98' earnings. IDPH has had nice price gains in, or near the
      1Q of the last three years according to Yahoo graphs. I hope that is indicative of additional gains in the next 60 days.
      Perhaps a breakout as predicted in message 21 by dfghndrt.

    • I didn't see anything about what they're going to use the money for. They basically lowered the price of the stock 10% and have no explanation for where the money is going.

      Are we starting new clinical trials? Financing new R & D in a promising new area? Or are we giving bonuses out??

      It seems irresponsible not to explain what the money is going for.

    • how do you know biotech is going to rebound?

    • Another big day for IDEC. Hopefully the sales of rituxen are comming in better than expected and the word is leaking out. Plus the Biotechs are due for a rebound. Good be a good combination.

      Cymer is starting to move too.

      Knock on wood

    • Anybody out there on this post?

      Am I the only one who thinks the next year could be good for earnings due to rituxen (sp?).

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      • I also beleive that IDEC is poised to make a big move...soon.

        The stock is consolidating from the large run-up to 46. As earnings and other drugs trials become apparent the stock will move up and up and up. Then it will split and move up again. In the next three years the stock will be up 5X min from here.

        Here are some questions to activate the thread:

        1. What is potential for an earning surprise?
        2. What drugs are in the pipeline, what is the potential market?
        3. Are there any production limitations or upside to drive increased earnings.
        4. Does anyone have a technical assesment of stock?

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