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  • As_the_world_turns As_the_world_turns Feb 29, 2000 10:51 PM Flag

    sold at 141 too soon

    IDPH announced a stock split when the stock was
    around 120 the last time. Now the stock is at 140 and it
    makes sense that IDPH should announce a split if they
    want to keep the stock rolling forward. Other biotechs
    such as Medimmune and Immunex are doing splits and so
    it would make sense for Idec to do the

    Besides, a high stock market valuation (or strong stock
    performance, if you prefer) helps to attract and retain top
    talent. And provides the currency to make strategic
    acquisitions. I would be very surprised if the company does not
    use a stock split to propel its stock higher. And if
    IDEC does not make an acquisition in the next few

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    • I understand the sentiment on this board for
      another split. But IDPH's management has been consistent
      in managing this company in the way that has made
      the most business sense, without undue concern for
      what the stock price is doing. Indeed, I suspect that
      IDPH's management is even a bit uncomfortable with the
      present lofty valuation of the stock, given that a
      portion of it has to do with the popularity of the
      biotech group, as opposed to current or even projected
      earnings. This is not to say the company will not perform
      exceedingly well in the future - it is just that it is easier
      to exceed market expectations if the bar is not set
      too high. So I would be really surprised if a split
      is announced so soon after the last one. I would
      also be surprised if an acquisition was announced,
      given IDPH's propensity for developing internal value.
      However, I am almost ALWAYS surprised by mergers and
      acquisitions, as they typically occur in places that I am not
      looking (and don't occur where I am). There are several
      attractive, 2nd tier biotech companies with extremely
      promising pipelines that would make a good fit to IDPH, so
      a well-considered acquisition that fits the company
      business could be a major positive for the future.

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