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  • pibe55 pibe55 Feb 28, 2001 3:32 PM Flag

    Can someone tell me whats

    keeping this stock up!!!!! If I were long I'd be, let me correct that, I would sell because this one is gonna fall hard. Are there any longs out there that think this is a good stock to hold with a P/E of 180? Good luck either way.

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    • Well, you can't follow everything, and EMLX hasn't really hit my radar screen, but I looked at it yesterday, and figured I should learn that story at some point too. It's sure been all over the place, and if I recall, this was the stock that was hoaxed by the guy who was trying to make back the losses he had amassed by ... shorting stocks. Hm.

      Really and truly, though, Ziggy - if you are looking for beaten up companies - now is not a bad time to do this. But I would go for companies whose business that you understand very well, which seem significantly undervalued and underappreciated by the rest of the market. This is the old "babies and bathwater" thing. You will always have more patience with companies like this than by trying to play the disasters or hot-stocks du jour.

      For example, I have followed a company called CREE since the early 1990's, and know several people who work there. But I had never bought the stock - in the early days, I worried about their manufacturing expertise. These were R/D types, and it wasn't clear they could make stuff in volume. Turns out they can. Then I worried about competition. It's there, but they are doing fine. Then I was convinced it was a great company, but it seemed overvalued to me. Now it has come from 100 to 20 with the rest of the techs, and it still has all the good stuff going for it. So this week I had a chance to correct my past mistakes, and buy a small position in this stock. I am not telling you to buy CREE, but instead to look for companies that you can tell similar stories about using different words.

    • You are like every other booger eatin moron short that comes here spouting the same dribble about how the stock is doomed, bla bla bla bla bla. Nobody cares if your short, that's your own investment decision. The reason you get slapped around is your stupid comments. For example, where will the earnings growth come from for IDPH when Zevalin gets approved and cuts into Rituxan sales. You are not successful right now because you pick all the right companies that have depressed stock values. Christ, look around you idiot. The market is on the brink on collapse. Decliners outnumber advances 3 to 1 today. Things are hitting two year lows. Biotechs are all getting hit today. Pat yourself on the back right now because you look like your right!

      If your successful in your short fine, see ya later. There have been many that came before you and whimpered away as well.

      Hamsters Think Your Are An Idiot!

    • Read post 5333. Then come back with an intelligent rebuttal, and we can talk.

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