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  • bargain_hunter91307 bargain_hunter91307 May 29, 2001 2:56 PM Flag

    IDPH delayed response

    IDPH MM always late. Reality will kick in sooner or later. Patiently waiting.

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    • i was fooled by the move in idph.
      selling at 52 .55. 62.68...
      back in now, on early down turn today.
      being kill by csco,orcl,ge ,
      off to the cape with grankids.
      last week to use our place
      before the renters come.

    • Hi all, just skimmed the board to catch up on the last week or so, didn't miss much, apparently! Little IDPH getting all this attention... How'd we get so lucky? not.

      Anyway, just rushed the last post to get #7000, as my very first post here was #700 a little over 2 years ago. Aren't those round numbers great, and here's to IDEC at $100 by year end.

      The stock is still working on a very nice 26 week base pattern, now trying to get through last bit of resistance in low 70's. If the overall market would strengthen, I do think we'd see north of 85 pretty fast (at which point, yes, long termers would take a bit more profits, and oh boy, would the shorts howl) great to see IDPH (and the biotech sector) holding up so well in a weak broader market, this stock making up for a lot of "buying opportunities" we took on other stocks, a little too early, it turns out.

      I've seen IDEC in the media more and more, on the local news, on CNBC, in the papers. It's now a "must own" in the biotech space, moving past Biogen and Immunex in market cap, and making a run at "top five", congratulations everyone! truly World Class.

      Have to admit that I looked for a lot more resistance in the mid 60's (hence the covered call sell) but what a pleasant surprise to be proven wrong, as that was only around 8% of my IDPH position, holding the rest while fundamentals remain strong, whatever the market says (and yes, this might correct severely at some point) meanwhile, nice to be back in the green, glad to hear everything's going well


    • go_play_with_your_kids go_play_with_your_kids Jun 15, 2001 12:26 PM Flag

      is the official number. I just called IR.

      167 million multiplied by $70 = 11.7 billion market capitalization.

      Each point adds roughly 1 year in annual sales.

      Unbelievable is an understatement.


    • Good Riddens!!!!!!!!!

    • good reason at all today.*

      Apparantly your experience on trading is very limited.
      Let me tell you what's going on:
      1. Today is the triple witching day and hence the volatility.
      2. put/call ratio reached 1.1 at 10AM this morning,hence the bounce back.
      3. Phychlogical mark of 2000+- been tested.

      We will re-test since some other indicators,for example VIX,still far from peak.
      Check the data on early April for all indicators,we are not in the same kind of bottom. Just a cat bounce.

      Since you guys don't like me to be here,I will disappear from this post for a while.

    • Since I depend on your good opinion for my entire sense of worth and self esteem, I am just crushed by your comments. LMAOROFL. Good riddance.

      I think I now understand why some of the absolutely stupidest comments get those silly recommendations. I accidentally clicked the "recommend" button instead of the "previous" button on the browser.

      There seems to be emerging sentiment that another 50 basis point rate could happen at end of month. Good to have that to "simplify" trading on a triple witch day. Egads. All of this should mean absolutely nothing to IDPH longs who are in this because of company performance.

    • I agree that the science and technology are much more interesting than the trading stuff. However, in the absence of this kind of sustained discussion, we have what we have.

      I don't know a whole lot about other compounds in testing for sepsis except for Xoma's Neuprex, which looked fantastic out of the gate for meningococcemia (probably misspelled), but has faded in the clinic over the last few years. I expect that it may take a cocktail approach to manage septic shock, given the systemic and debilitating effects, and the weakened states of many patients at its onset. But I am sure that it will continue to be looked at very hard, as Xigris is saving 1/5, which is a good start, but not enough.

      There are certainly others on the board more medically qualified to comment, if they haven't been driven away by the group of chattering adolescents we seem to have attracted.

      And to not be completely OT, just a bizarro day for the market and IDPH stock trading today. I'd sit this out and see where we go. A lot of shares changing hands for no good reason at all today.

    • well* about JDSU and fiber optics industry. Not.

      I covered my shorts position on JDSU and other fiber optics stocks and telecomm infrastructure stocks this morning.
      JDSU reached my target of $10s.

      I covered because of put/call ratio reached 1.1 at 10AM CT. If you know what that mean.

      Good Bye

    • even though I truly believe trading is useless and cups and saucers are good for feeding cats. I too remember the stops and starts in sepsis research but would like to see the FDA go forward even though patients have their backs to the walls with this horrible event. Do you know of any other research being done on sepsis? Many thanks, Ellen

    • You should have finished my sentence. JDSU is not comparable to IDPH is the point I was trying to make. And it is not. JDSU is dropping because of lowered revenues and earnings estimates associated with the economic conditions. Investors didn't suddenly slap their palms on their foreheads and say, "I'm shocked, truly shocked, to discover this rapidly growing stock has a PE that is too high for my comfort!" JDSU and its cohorts fell because estimates of short and intermediate term growth rates first became more uncertain, and then started dropping, and now may go negative. If you think IDPH's revenues and earnings are going to slow down as much as JDSU's are presently, by all means keep shorting! But biotechs are not economically sensitive, and do not trade according to the same pattern as techs and internets. So experience in this sector does not transfer easily from one group to another; you must have experience in both kinds of stocks. Not all high PE's are created equal.

      Yes, I bought JDSU too soon. But didn't start buying until it had fallen from 157 to 23. Picked up a little more around 19, and a little more around 15. My total JDSU holding now is about 10% of my IDPH holding in value. Think I am going to add a little more if it goes significantly lower after today's warning? Sure! Maybe not today - I may wait until around end of Q. I do know there is continued short term risk in JDSU, but will continue to *slowly* build a larger and larger position until the market takes over and does the building for me. I am not stupid enough to claim to know when JDSU has bottomed and start doing big time buys on every round number like some claim to be doing on IDPH on the basis of their confidence it has topped. Why build a position in JDSU? Because I do know the company and the fiber optics industry - but my time horizon is 1-3 years on that stock, not 1-3 months.

      However, if all you want to establish is that no one on this board has perfect knowledge or timing, I would have conceded that no matter what the evidence. It is all probability and outcome, and

      This is why
      We diversify.

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