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  • mrt1998tx mrt1998tx Nov 12, 2009 8:57 AM Flag

    Mtg w/ DFSH CEO

    Yesterday, I was very fortunate to attend a 3.5 hour meeting in Fort Lauderdale, FL led by Defense Solutions CEO, Tim Ringgold.

    The others in attendence included the CFO, Col. Ringgold's wife, Gina, the corporate lawyer, and about a dozen selectively invited investors with various interesting connections.

    The meeting was an exhaustive presentation of all the opportunities DFSH is currently engaged with, as well as a thorough discussion of what is going on in Iraq, the company's history, deals in the pipeline, and so on.

    Unfortunately, I simply do not have time right now to scrath the surface of what I learned, but will do additional posts when I have time.

    I will say this: if you are a long investor in DFSH you are going to do very very well if you keep your position, and add to it as inclined.

    More later.

    Mr. T.

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    • Thank you for your efforts and info!
      Great upside here!

    • Mr T why hasn't the company released this news of a contract for 60 mil barrels? I would have to agree that this should be released to all potential investors per SEC guide lines.

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      • The Iraqis have oil allocated to DFSH to broker. They even want it to be picked up on a day certain in January.

        The refiner has contracted with DFSH to represent them (and pay them) for securing an allotment of oil from Iraq.

        DFSH has contracts with both the seller and the buyer.


        Say you have a house to sell. You contract with a real estate agent to sell it. You list the house for sale at $400K.

        A buyer has also contracted with your real estate agent (ie will pay them a commission if your/their real estate agent help them buy a house).

        Is the house sold? No.

        Has the real estate agent earned a commission? No.

        Should the real estate agent put a sold sign up on the front lawn and take the house off multiple listing? No.

        Is there a legal binding contract between the seller and buyer, as individuals? No.

        And what if the buyer makes the seller an offer? Should the whole world be told about that? Well, it is not done in real estate and it is not done in oil brokering either.

        The listed price may be $400K and the undisclosed offer a mere 50 cents. Does that have to be announced to the entire world? No.

        Hope this helps.

        Mr. T.

    • OK - I see what you are getting at.

      Well, I have a couple thoughts. First, back in about May the company announced that it had been approved to broker oil products on behalf of the Iraq government. Second, last month the company announced that it had agreements with 7 refiners to represent them in the acquition and purchase of crude oil from Iraq.

      How much more FD is required? None, at least in my opinion and apparently in the opinion of the DFSH corporate counsel.

      The stock price did nothing with the first announcement. It has been improving with the second announcement.

      Can investors not reasonably put two and two together and figure that DFSH is going to broker a huge oil contract from this information? I put it together last May and started buying. With the more recent announcement about the refiners this became a no-brainer.

      But at the current price of 32 cents a share, I guess the answer to my question is no. The market cannot put two and two together.

      Sooner or later the market will put it together.....and investors will pay much more for the stock than if they had used their head in the first place.

      This is not your, my or the companys fault, btw. When the crowd no longer thinks of DFSH as speculation, it will be too late for you to buy at the current price.

      This is an unusual oppty to buy a company with tiny earnings that has excellent odds for earning tens of millions of dollars in a relatively short time frame.

      DFSH is a speculative investment and investors are pricing this unusual oppty with skepticism, obviously. Good for us. Good for those who take the time to meet the CEO, check out the players, do our research and decide this is an investment worth making because one does not think it is speculative at all.

      I am sure that DFSH will make publicly available to all investors at the same time the details of any contract that is consummated that will result in earnings to the benefit of the company.

      I hope this helps.

      Mr. T.

    • Are you joking?

      Reg FD mandates that all publicly traded companies must disclose material information to all investors at the same time.

    • does anyone know when they will start selling some oil?

    • I guess they wern't stock investors?

      As we are down and low volume and no buying

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