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  • domicebos domicebos Mar 19, 2010 5:05 PM Flag

    will se what the short count is today that will tell the tale

    I don't think Seaside is selling. They have 3 million shares at an average price of 20 cents. I don't think they would sell for a loss unless they just want out at any cost ...but also the volume was too low. They are essentially stuck like the rest of us.

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    • Observation- in early February I had a lot of luck picking up shares at the close just above the bid and well below the ask.

      For the past few weeks- including today- whenever I have entered an order, the MM bumps the bid side to my order to squeeze me out.

      To me, that indicates that this is a planned take down, like pretend said up top...and they are trying to scare up some cheap shares before this makes a big run. JMHO.