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  • domicebos domicebos May 21, 2010 4:38 PM Flag

    Slow death..

    Well I don't think it is some random person that doesn't have some info. from inside the company, otherwise why would they short and expose themselves unles they KNOW there is no good news coming? Could be someone associated with Innovative or Mikail or maybe this guy Robert ...who knows. Take a look after DiFilece left, the price has gone straight down ...we just found out this news on Monday ...looks like someone knew well before the rest of us.

    Or it could be as House as said and demand working its magic have to admit there has been no demand for quite a while. I know there really haven't been many sellers either, but there's nothing holding the bid.

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    • Dude, a 'normal' guy cannot short a penny stock. If anyone is indeed shorting dfsh, which doesnt really make sense being that the volume is so pathetically low, then it is a powerful person. Computers alert a trader to a POSSIBLE short opportunity, its then the trader who must initiate the short. But believe me, the main players are focused on shorting BofA, C, F, and the likes of MGM, they aren't bothering with DFSH. The risk is too great for them, whereas, shorting the big DOW boys is much less risky in todays market.

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