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  • pretendericu pretendericu May 13, 2013 2:44 PM Flag

    new week and Monday gone no news

    no volume nothing. Wonder what the col. is doing?

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    • starting to wonder whats going on. Recip, whats the story, no more BS. Why is there a holdup. Did he lose funding? Did SOMO do something? Is it still a go and we are just panicking?

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      • Everything I know is in my last post. It's all guesswork until we hear something. I don't think anyone has had any email response from the Col. One thing we have always know is that there have always been delays in any expectation dates. When/if the Col. gets solid news from Iraq, we should be informed in a public release. That's the only possible way it can be done as any inside information 'whispered to others' would ram the stock up and create BGI problems re insider information and the 'regulators' ... that have huge atennae out for the small fry because the are mush easier road kill.

        This could all be just another let down. 'Dom' may be able to add something, don't know. We all have to remember this has been a huge risk investment for years. Nothing has changed that way. What has always mystified me is why the Iraqis, on the surface, seem to 'toy' with DFSH/the Col. Why not just have ended it all years ago if they weren't ever going to follow through.