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  • sempai_gojy_ryu sempai_gojy_ryu Oct 18, 2013 10:19 AM Flag

    Another Downgrade - More Share-price gain!

    Funny how FBR announces their downgrade on options expiration date. After a short sell-off, the price is back in positive territory. That is two downgrades in the last two months, and the price still is rising. In My Opinion, the buyout is still intact!

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    • It's amazing how an inept, incompetent, blundering company can have its stock shoot up just like a rocket. Just goes to show how the Stock Market is ran by fraud. A stock price is supposed to be based on its metrics, not some imaginary "buyout" that never happens. The metrics of this POS stock is junk. The company is junk ran by idiots, yet the stock goes up 2% to 3% everyday based on some fantasy that a buyout is just around the corner. The company has made it very clear they aren't for sale and their performance sucks, so why do people keep buying? People have been talking "buyout" for 10 years now and it never happens, because the Carlsons are fools and refuse to sell. Of course I can't blame them since they can steadfastly refuse to sell and their stock continues to shoot up everyday. I wouldn't sell the company either and let all the suckers keep buying your stock.

    • EVERY dip is immediately bought....... trust the chart, not the analysts....

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      • USM will be sold, one way or another. I suppose it could be a complicated deal of some sort, but there is no way it can thrive as an island in a consolidated network world.

        They missed the boat selling a few years ago, and it might fetch a lower price today (maybe, maybe not depending on the preciousness of bandwidth), but oh well. At this point, I suspect the game is to plow forward with LTE expansion - not caring much in the short run that running multiple technologies at the cell site is costly - and then an LTE buyer buys it based on its cash flow potential in the new entity. In other words, USM cash-flow and profits don't mean much today - buying or selling based on that is just silly - it's all about its cash flow within a prospective buyers network.

        Those who say its all about bandwidth are not really correct, though - 5 million customers are valuable ($1200 each, or $6 billion)....add cash plus strategic value (bandwidth or making sure a competitor doesn't get it)...and it might be worth as much as $1500 per customer - $9 billion. I would be surprised if a sale wasn't in that range $6 billion to $9 billion.

        Earnings are noise in this stock - means little or nothing....they have plenty of cash and all the debt principal payback is way out in the future. There will be no distress sale, here....just sit back and understand that it will happen when it happens.

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