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  • trpperdave trpperdave Aug 27, 2009 5:24 AM Flag

    Something I noticed about a yr ago.

    You may be right, who knows for sure. I have learned not to sell my winning stocks and then buy a stock with a losing trend. If and when either or both stocks shift direction, is when I would consider buying the other.
    Otherwise I am going to ride PLD on up to the teens.

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    • I have come to the conclusion that the powers to be that drive these stks up and down. Just rape the options players every mth...Options expired last Fri. They closed it at $9.99. or right at $10. Thus making every $10. call and above worthless...Same with puts. $10. and below expired worthless. Right now, if you look at the options board. It still looks like $10. is the magic number. Right now if the stk were trading at $10, at expiration...It would make all but about 400 of those puts, and 1,000 or so of those calls worthless again. Just remember PLD closed 2 wks ago at $10.73...Just for them to snatch it back to $10. on options expiration....But there is really no way, , to know how the PTB have their money positioned. But I do like to study the options board and try to figure it out...I think I learned something on IBM last mth...If they are selling a lot of puts on a stk. for no reason other than people are betting it will drop. Don't you believe it. If they have the equity to sell all those puts. They have the money to drive it up and wipe them all out...I think TPB, sell all those puts. The calls are a different animal. Us, Joe six packs sell a lot of them agains our stk...So you can't really know, where they are on them. But getting back to DRYS...It looks like $6. is the magic nuber right now. But for some reason, when I was looking at it earlier, I was thinking they could drive it up to $7.50 and not be getting hurt. Don't pay me too much attention. Hell all those numbers could change dramatically in the next wk. Good luck...

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