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  • tentcamper1000 tentcamper1000 Jun 11, 2007 4:38 PM Flag

    Think about this re: PE

    When I bought into this stock about 9 mo. ago, it was at 42.75....the PE at that time was over 40 and the forward PE was in high 30's...
    Think about what happens when a stocks Earnings continue to perform....the PE drops like a rock because the Price is staying FLAT or even dropping a little and the Earnings continue to increase...Now the PE is in 30's and forward PE is in the 20's...I would not mind it at all if this stock stayed the same price or dropped a little in the next 6 months because it will give me time to dump more money into some point, even if earnings do not grow significantly, but continue to grow, the PE will be too low to ignore and the stock will soar....You cannot have a stock with this kind of growth have a PE in the mid to low 20's or even the another quarter or so with good earnings, even if they dont beat expectations, the PE will drop into the 20's (forward PE already there) and this stock will would become too cheap in relation to their growth rate...

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    • I agree. Healthcare is one of the great sectors of the next twenty years. Healthcare companies and providers will need tools that streamline their records and QSII is one of the leaders on this field. The Market could increase by ten to twnety time in the next 10 years. I'm holding and adding on dips.

      Best of luck!


    • might wanna consider lookin at NE, RIG, ATW, DO, ESV, GSF...before you say that stocks w/ that kinda growth wouldnt trade below a P/E of 20...and all those guys got at least 2xs the growth QSII has...and those guys got lots of revenues already contracted going forward so its almost forward P/E's in the mid SINGLE digits...point is...if the market turns on the sector...ud be surprised how low P/E's can go...not a very good way to value a stock on its own

    • Another idiot ignored...
      Lot of riff raff on this board...intelligent posters few and far between

    • For a "long term" investor, you sure post on the Yahoo message boards often. I think you will check the price of QSII everyday, sell in low $30's and swear off investing in another stock ever again.

      Stay off of E*Trade, stay away from chocolate (it will give you pimples) and go do your homework, otherwise your mom will spank you. Remember, STAY IN SCHOOL.

    • Can you explain what area of their business has stalled? I dont see any stalling as I look at their numbers...

      As far as stock range, that is exactly what my original post is about....for my investments, this is a perfect stock stays in range, growth numbers are still strong, and PE is coming down....a couple more quarters like this, even if it does slow down a little, and the PE will be too low in relation to the rate of growth...
      For my investments, I would like to see it stay in this range for another 12 months or so...I am definitely accumulating as it stays here...

    • "PE will drop into the 20's." Cheap?
      Each of the DOW stock Forward P/E are under $17

      • 2 Replies to Mill_B_L
      • You must be new to investing. The Dow is made up of 30, blue chip, LARGE CAP companies which are established and are not growing at anywhere near the rate of a small cap company like QSII...the reason QSII and other smaller companies growing quickly are purchased at higher PE's is because they are growing growth slows down, then people are not willing to pay a higher PE because their earnings are not growing as quickly...

        .do your homework, young man...then come back and talk.

      • you must be kidding me. how can you compare and old stodgy value play in the dow (perhaps ge?) w/ a great growth story like qsii??? Of course they won't have the same pe.
        Its all about the growth, always has been, always will be.
        Qsii will continue to grow for many years. Patience. Stock headed to 100, just may take a few years to grow into itself.

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