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  • linzi50b linzi50b Dec 27, 2006 1:32 PM Flag

    Predicting a takeover coming

    given major positive clinical trial news coming,
    extremely deep pipeline ... recent two brokerage upgrades (could mean something looming ...) ... a takeover once predicted by James Cramer could actually materialize ...

    and the price could be $18 - $25 ... anyone's guess

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    • my point was just the reverse the investors who don't like risk are leaving and the more speculative/risk oriented investor is buying.

    • Wow, you bagholder longs just don't understand this stock do you. The stock is currently under going an investor class risk change. Those investors who bought based on the off loading of the risk factor to a big pharma partner are, have been prunning their position in arena. That is why on ever price spike the stock is sold. How long this factor effects the stock price?, The chart will tell you, arena needs to hold on to $14 and move to $15 with volume. No take-over comming any time soon, some of you bagholders think its coming on Monday morning, your laughable. its xmass season so I'am being kind.

    • P/B is probably under 2.0 if you include the private placement. Not that that matters much. I agree about the drug candidates being impressive, but that is more subjective.

      If their weight loss drug fails to get approval, everyone long on this stock loses their shirt. The remaining company/drugs would probably be bought at a huge discount by a large pharma ($5/share?), since ARNA would be unlikely to raise enough capital to finish another phase III.

      If ARNA gets a NDA, it is unlikely they would go after this market themselves. Most likely they would actively seek a buyout, and not have a hard time finding a bidder.

      More likely, they get bought before then. I think big companies want to see the first Phase III (this summer), and will quickly make an offer if it looks good.

      They will be aquired (before 2009), it is only a matter of when. They may have already turned down offers.

    • The only thong I know about ARNA getting taken over is that it won't be for $18-25 per share. The management team didn't take the compnay this far to give it away to big-pharma.

    • The recent stock sales says no takeover

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