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  • qnexa_doubter qnexa_doubter Feb 29, 2012 5:00 PM Flag

    generics........ insurance

    now let me start knowing that i will likely get a "suck it shorty" from our favorite poop flinging monkey digiorno_40 something you know...... the ever so original "suck it shorty" guy .. guessing his originality and intellect indicate that he actually is a pizza delivery guy maxing out his employment potential.

    Getting to be fun to agitate him though i can't be sure he has the mental capacity to realize he's being toyed with.

    aaaaaaaaannny way.

    the reason i post is i wonder ........ and would love to make a dollar or two on Q

    will insurances cover Q or if approved .... will they decline paying when Doc's prescribe Q when generics are available for cents on the dollar? Hell will they pay for the generics?

    working in health care..... knowing what sh@ts insurance people are i'd say no. They will likely deny and possibly generics as well cause it's all about the buck to them ...

    Leland is the master of spin and propping up his pps .... don't imagine that big pharma doesn't realize that.

    you tell me ....... something to consider in the long term..... get the pop if it's approved ..... hold thru avanafil if your comfortable .... don't look long term sales I don't think Leland is.

    except you dijon(suck it shorty)14(iq in moms basement)

    as i've said congrats on sticking the shorts .... gl

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