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  • omni1tsd omni1tsd May 15, 2012 6:59 AM Flag

    Dr. David Samadi Fox & Friend

    Dr. David Samadi (one of the Fox house docs) just spoke of VVUS/ARNA weight loss drugs on Fox & Friends. He was not outrightly negaive on ARNA but seemed to support VVUS more stating VVUS will be approved but ARNA is not sure at this stage. He then went on to tell Gretchin none of these drugs result in great weight loss but will be used in conjunction with all the other factors such as exercise and eating habits.

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    • That is not the way I heard it. He thinks that they have risks but that people who are obese could use this drug. Are you a short, I think so.

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      • No not short just heard it differently I suppose. Thanks for your input for surely any positive media attention will help. He did clearly state VVUS would be approved but did not so state for ARNA. I did like that he clearly stated both have minimal efficacy and will work most efficiently in combination with exercise and eating habit changes. That just seems to be a clear fact overall since no drug alone will have serious results without such other impetus. I think ARNA is in the most favorable position overall since VVUS and OREX use combos of drugs known to have adverse health risk and side effects. OREX uses Wellbutrin and I too have personally used it for stopping smoking but the side effects were so atrocious I stopped within weeks and quit using cold turkey the only sure bet.

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