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  • epevens epevens Jun 22, 2012 1:28 PM Flag

    Lorqess from a weightloss doctor 1/2

    Let me first introduce myself, my name is Erik and I am an emergency medicine doctor. As of several years ago I decided to go into bariatrics (weightloss), and went through the american society of bariatric physicians to get my board certification. I have had my own practice open now for approximately 1 year, and partnered with another physician that has been doing this for 7 years. I want to help investors understand some of the studies that have been done, as well as convey my experiences as a specialist in an office based weightloss practice.

    I first learned about Lorqess several years ago and have been following it since. As a physician I have spent countless hours researching this stock. In fact I have probably driven my wife mad doing my due diligence, pulling up articles, researching statistics, and so on. When I have a question I have access to several brilliant specialists (many of them are close friends) , which gives me an advantage over many investors.

    This is my take on past and current events:
    1. The echo studies done may show a small statistical increase in the chance of developing a valvulopathy, therefore post-approval echo studies will probably be required. This takes time depending on how they arrange it.....but I would assume they would be done at 3,6,9, and 12 you are looking at at least 15 months out from approval before the results are submitted back to the FDA post-approval.....

    2. Developing cancer from this drug is not a side effect until you go 80x the normal dose!!! however there is a small chance of developing a fibroadenoma, which is a begin breast tumor.

    3. I think the potential to have the DEA schedule the drug is there. If it happens most likely it will be a schedule IV, which means an abuse potential is there. However, the studies that Arena did with 40-60mg did not indicate that....but what happens when you go past dose. Lorqess is dosed 10mg twice a day. At this dose there may be some mild cognitive problems, or psychological changes (which can occur in almost all drugs on the market that affect the brain,ie antidepressants...etc) in a small % or patients. At higher doses, there maybe abuse potential....however, I know a number of abused drugs that are not scheduled with the DEA.Remember Arena developed the drug to have specificity to the 5HT2-C receptor (the appetite control center in the hypothalamus), and not the 5HT2-A (this functions in he other parts of the brain and may cause the psychological side effects. If it does become a scheduled drug, it may decrease Arena's overall profit, but I speculate by only a small amount because the vast majority of physicians have a DEA license and will be able to prescribe this.I believe the abuse potential is theoretical, but will not stop approval. I also believe there is a small chance it will be a scheduled drug because of the theoritical abuse, but the studies at double prescribed dose did not show abuse potential.

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