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  • vs1234gs vs1234gs Jun 22, 2012 2:21 PM Flag

    Lorqess from a weightloss doctor 1/2

    If what you writing true (About risk of cancer and tumor) why 3 out 4 tox/pathologist voted No ( also 3 out 4 "No Vote) from them)

    FDA will give higher weight to those Vote over other. Many hardly able to make mind to Yes Vote.

    I know you might be right, but FDA likely take no risk and so it has to go though another trial phase before it get approve and that mean more 100's million share will be issued.

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    • First thing is to define what type of toxicologist they are. I did my toxicology rotation at Cook County hospital in Chicago. Most tox guys deal with acute overdoses and the treatment of them, ie...when you call poison control there is always a tox doing his fellowship on standby for complicated polysubstance overdoses to talk to. I would be more inclined to discuss Lorqess with a pharm-tox that deal with carcinogenicity of drugs than the former.....these would be research tox spealists, and they are few and far between.
      Second, I agree in high doses this drug causes cancer in rats.....but so does aspartame...ring a bell...its Nutrasweet. So should you stop drinking diet coke?!!!!! Both have been proven to do so. Every drug has a risk, and so you have to look at the risk/benefit profile. Fortunately, the FDA has set a rigid guideline for approval of these potential carcinogenic drugs....and that is 24x the prescribed dose. Lorqess surpasses this standard, so once again, there is no reason to not approve based on their own set standards!
      Finally, if we voted all the drugs based the their 'potential' to cause side effects, there would not be any drugs on the market. All drugs have side effect.....I have seen people die from tylenol and aspirin overdoses. This is not a reason to take them off the market!!! Ultimately, it is the doctors job to weigh the risks and decide what patient this would benefit from this drug. If you still disagree with me after these facts, than we can agree to disagree.....but if you have not done your DD, and just listen to the average joe posting on this board, then you are due for a loss if you are shorting this stock and I am sorry....Erik

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      • One more note, after reading the transcripts, it is evident that the tox guys are more concerned about the potential interactions of Lorqess with other mess, and less concerned with potential carcinogenicity. Specificallythe possibility of serotonin syndrome when using SSRI's (antidrpressants) with Lorqess. The solution is simple, and they do it with all meds with potential a warning on the label! Pharmacists are also trained to screen for problems and call the doctor if there is a potential interaction. This potential issue will not hold the drugs approval, as all drugs have potential interactions. This is what the tox docs are worried about.

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