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  • one_dogydog one_dogydog Jun 22, 2012 6:34 PM Flag

    What is your thoughts about Seeking Alpha???

    Please be honest.

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    • They are the paid fomenters for the big MM's. A few months ago, the day before the earning announcement for ZAGG, SA came out with an article that dropped the stock 10% within minutes. The whole basis of the article was that the author called several different managers of stores that sell Zagg products accross the US to get their opinion on how sales were doing. He went on to say that there was not way that ZAGG could meet the market expectation and you should get out of Zagg. Hardly a sceintific sample to say the least. The average retailer read it and panicked.

      It was ridiculous, and luckily I did not have a stop loss on that one. Made a nice penny the next day when Zagg had an earning beat.

      FOMENTING is part of the Wallstreet game. Seeking Alpha is part of this process.

    • I know a few articles are crediting the drop partially to the SA article today. I just have a hard time believing there is that many people with weak constitutions who would be swayed by an article by a 27 year old. That or he was right all along. I personally do not believe the latter and expect a much higher approval value than he was predicting.
      Eitherway, GTLA

    • The guy that wrote this article is 27 and said he's been investing for 15 years. That means he was trading at age 12.

    • THE SIGHT FINE but the posters and UNDERSTAND that is all they are , is BS posters and could be bought for a cheap dinner in NYC , let alone 10-50K....... Its not WSJ or REUTERS or any other reputable place.
      It's much like

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