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  • natlrc12 natlrc12 Jun 29, 2012 9:00 AM Flag

    Pinning the stock (read this)

    A poster posted this yesterday. This is exactley whats happening to our stock. It cant break out until end of day Monday at the latest.

    Definition of 'Pinning the Strike'
    The tendency of a stock's price to close near the strike price of heavily traded options (in the same stock) as the expiration date nears.
    Investopedia explains 'Pinning the Strike'
    This doesn't always happen, but it often does when there is significant open interest. For example, if a stock is trading near $50 and there is heavy trading in both puts and calls at this strike price, there is a tendency for the stock price to be "pinned" at $50 as traders unwind their positions at expiration.

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