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  • cameron12x cameron12x Aug 5, 2012 4:42 PM Flag

    New to the board...

    New to the board here and just learned about ARNA.

    I'm curious, what contributed to the run-up in the stock from early May through mid-July? And the consequent sell-off?

    Some quick and succinct history, please! Thanks!

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    • How the hell do you figure out where it has run up and not figure out what happened? Are you fishing or just flipped your position?

    • go look it up
      i already got you on ignore

    • Quick question: when will the drug actually start selling and shipping in any kind of volume? And to what market(s)?


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      • The day after the Drug Enforcement Agency gives the designation for the drug. We are not given any time when this will happen or if they are close or anything.

        We don't have information if the pills have already been manufactured in Switzerland and being stored or shipped to the US or not.

        Only to the US markets are available after DEA notice. No other country is open to the product as of now. So, it could be next summer until we see any money coming in.

    • It's all about forward guidance, Jack needs to lay out a very clear and concise plan going forward...
      He needs to give clarity on EU, DEA and any further developments will all help the stock....
      Your guess is as good as anyone else's whether there will be any surprises....
      Sell on the news? Doubtful, since it's already pulled back substantially.....

    • Outside of EPS and forward guidance, what are key takeaways to look for during the Thursday CC?


    • One big wait before being able to sell is the Drug Enforcement Agencies designation of the drug. Unfortunately, since March when the paperwork was sent to the DEA, Arena's management has not told us what is going on with that or some semblance of timetable.

      SO, that is a big guessing game. Also, we have no clue what is going on with Canada and Mexico and South America. Then there is the Eurpoean Union and Switzerland. No one knows.

      We have no idea of any even rough estimates of what sales they are planning. So, a company with just $10 million revenues that is $1.35 BILLION now in valuation is why people are selling off.

      They just know it is going lower and can buy cheaper when the market crashes.

      Look, NASDAQ up 2% on Friday but the stock is down almost -5%. What will happen Monday when the NASDAQ is red....yup, we head down into $6 territory.

    • pretty much everyone's message are reading is down 20% or more in just 3 weeks. Wait until October/November as there is nothing further will move this dead stock that will probably fall to $4-5 range.
      Eisai marketing info 5-Aug-12 01:39 pm
      As many know I live near Eisai HQ. have 3 friend who work there. I'm in this stock only because they told me about it. I bought and sold a few times. I am not a stock guy and was skiddish. currently 3700 shares at $10.60. Dont really care i'm in for the long haul at this point. I am a 50 year old commercial insurance investigator in NYC. anyway i was at a party this weekend at an Eisai medical writers home. there was an Eisai FDA regulatory supervisor there and a salesman who works with state health plans on the east coast. Here is what I learned. The Vermont Blue cross-blue shield plan will pick up the drug and have already stated so. No other east coast state plans have done so. Eisai is trying to get large employer group plans to urge the carriers who cover them to pick up the drug. sort of a back door approach as very few currently cover obesity drugs. Eisai is reviewing the advertising issue as they generally cannot advertise until the DEA schedule is done but since the label is complete they are trying to see if they can start to advertise. Eisai laid off the NJ sales manager this week because this drug is looking like the heavy marketing will take place in the south and they are reconfiguring the sales team at this time. training will start within a couple weeks and the want to launch in January or sooner if possible. Eisai has a big drug coming off patent in 2013 and is betting the farm on this drug out of nesessity. Ok my fingers are tired.

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