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  • morrisdavid93 morrisdavid93 Aug 6, 2012 5:59 PM Flag

    Been Watching this board for Months and Losing !!!

    I got in at 11.65 then 9.40 and then 7.78 ... I am long and do believe in a breakout, but these Short SOB's have the potential to keep taking this down... I know it hurts... I am way down!!!! I have no choice now but to hang on and wait for the squeeze... yes it will rocket up but the question is when ?? Hedgies are pis-ed at us retail guys with all our shares... they want to inflict pain, unfortunately they can... but just remember, because I used to short alot... when you short you HAVE to buy em back !!!

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    • I will never understand guys like you. Why is it pain? If you buy a Mercedes, do you look at the blue book value each year and say, "Oh my god I'm losing money" If you buy a house do you look every day on Zillow to see if value has gone down? No, you are comfortable with the value of what you own. This stock is a pot of gold. It doesn't matter what others are doing - the market only reflects the last guy who sold and what he was willing to throw away his shares for. You should never see pain in a price - only opportunity. You should be trying everything possible to buy more shares here! BTW - my house was 1.4 million on Zillow in 2009, today it's probably around 900K - I honestly don't care and haven't looked. I guess I could be in pain about the lost of 500K but I love the place and don't care and I know that it eventually will be worth much more than today. This stock is a gem. Buy all you can. It eventually will be worth much, much more than today.

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