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  • obamadungdufus obamadungdufus Aug 10, 2012 5:05 PM Flag

    Trying so so hard

    The Lame Stream media and dems are trying so hard to spin things for Obamadungdufus today's ploys including such nonsense as the stock market has done well because of Obamadungdufus. HA! Check the stats again to KNOW the stock market has been on an upward climb since the 1929 Great Depression and will continue since baby boomers are stock oriented period. Lame Stream media wants all to believe any good if because of Obamadungdufus and any bad Bush, Bush, Bush... blah blah blah. To be so blind as ALL of the USA dem population and not KNOW businesses are openly stating and have been for a long time now THEY WILL NOT HIRE OR GUIDE FOR GROWTH UNTIL THE MASSIVE HEALTHCARE WELFARE BILL "TAX" IS GONE AND ALL UNCEERTAINTIES CLARIFIED SUCH AS EXTENSION OF THE BUSH TAX CUTS (NOT THE OBAMADUNGDUFUS TAX CUTS)ARE TAKEN CARE OF.

    What this is truly about is 100 years of primary democrat party failed control for which their chickens indeed have come home to roost and they spent all our money (SS/Medicare, income taxes etc..) on welfare to lock in democrat votes moving forward. 1913 dem Wilson Federal Reserve Bank CREATURE that has debt leveraged our currency to zero intrinsic value, 1933 dem FDR failed SS Ponzi that was only to cost $.03 per pay, 1964 dem LBJ failed Medicare Ponzi now completely broke necessitating socialized medicine with the death panels to preclude costly care for the boomers now retiring in mass and being told all the money taken from them was squandered on welfare, and now Obama under dem Pelosi Congress more debt increase than all prior Presidents combined in less than 3.6 years. Yes Justice Roberts is correct that the court cannot be responsible for the consequences of an election, indeed Obama Care is a huge cost and most importantly this decision will cost many more jobs and the USA as once known is now finished. Hopefully Romney can stand on the 10th Amendment which is correct asserting that healthcare in MA was a states issue and this Federal mandate is not but repealing it now will be tough and impossible without Repubs taking House, Senate and POTUS. Without Harry Reid gone nothing will ever be accomplished.


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