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  • omni1tsd omni1tsd Aug 24, 2012 7:12 AM Flag

    Message board more to protect Obama

    Yahoo like most such venues these days are also in the pocket of Obama and the dems just as Lame Stream MSM co-arm of dem party. If Yahoo is to change back ever it will be after election as they do not want so much adverse Obama messages and surely links posted. Indeed they will suffer from loss of ad revenue and that is truly how Solyndra type S_T_U_P_I_D the management of Yahoo is. One thing is certain ANYONE BUT OBAMA 2012.

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    • Dear Yahoo,

      Thank you for including an ignore button.

    • Yes. Almost all the Political headlines and articles are couched in language to make Obama look like he's coming out on top of every situtaion or at least tie, and supports the Democrats position, while denigrating the Republican one.

      They pick on every possible small foible Romney and Ryan have, while propping up Obama and Biden and Pelosi and their lies.

      One thing they like to do, Obama too, is cite the Republicans as "Obstructionists", who will not let anything get done in congress. WELL! Let's harken back to Pelosi, who has always forced the Democrats to vote in lock-step against ANYTHING the opposition puts forth, regardless of it's merit. AND she continues to do so. Maybe if the Dems would REALLY try to compromise, things could get done. Else Republicans ARE putting forth budgets, and the Dams are not - just trying to kill them and rail against the Republican "War on Women".

      Sad thing is, this works wery well with the great unwashed, marginally educated, and stand in line for hand-out for the free Gubmint cheese crowd, who will vote to keep themselves in virtual slavery to centralilzed control, all in the name of progress. News flash! They've been trying this in Western Europe for 4-5 DECADES, and it's failed completely. Bankruptcy for ENTIRE COUNTIRES. But, let's pay those union ice holes every penny while the rest of our folks live on the streets.

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