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  • omni1tsd omni1tsd Dec 2, 2012 7:17 AM Flag


    The people must use the power they have over search engines like Google, AOL, or Yahoo. They need you. You don't need them. When I read the astronomical numbers regarding the value of stock in those entities, including Facebook, my first though was "there's a sucker born every minute." What people have invested in is the equivalent of selling stock for a big empty box. What value is there? The only value is harvesting your activity on the Internet and selling it to anyone with a fist full of cash.
    Google routinely blocks blogs and web sites that would be considered "right wing" or conservative. No explanation, no due process. They just pull the plug. They also tag sites as containing harmful viruses when that is flat out a lie. Google is probably the worst for censoring columns by writers, including me. They simply don't show up on Google. Maybe a week or so later, there's the column at the bottom of the search page. I know because I've tracked this kind of censorship for years.
    Google doesn't deserve your business and neither do any search engines or Internet providers that blocks web sites, liberal or conservative. The First Amendment should not be crushed for personal or political agendas. I also do not support or have anything to do with businesses that support the communist impostor in the Red House:
    The only thing I can tell people about their Internet service provider blocking any web site is to complain and if that doesn't work, change your provider. I've used Earthlink for over 12 years. They are top notch. I know people in rural areas are sometimes limited with choices for an ISP (Internet Service Provider), but use a search engine and try to locate more in your area.
    What I want to know is under what section of the U.S. Constitution gives the liars, thieves and crooks in the U.S. Congress any jurisdiction to regulate (censor) the Internet? What gives them any "right" to censor cyber space that is really world wide?
    The bottom line is customers of ISP carriers and mega search engines like Google who are censoring web sites and columns-- withdraw your support. Make your voice heard: If you continue to block web sites, I will find a new ISP carrier and then do it.

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