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  • cameron12x cameron12x Dec 9, 2012 10:55 AM Flag

    DEA: Unscheduled Drug Affect on PPS?

    What IF Belviq comes back as unscheduled?

    Would that move the PPS much higher? IF not, why not? Just curious about informed opinions.

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    • If the drug came back unscheduled then the price per share would dramatically increase, in my opinion. Since this gives more opportunity to purchase it without a prescription and without seeing the doctor, the potential for gains will be substantially higher. For example, a drug like Xenical/Alli, the current anti-obesity drug out there is OTC and has reached over $1 billion in sales. A counterexample: Qsymia, the other major weight loss drug competitor on the market did not meet expectations due to insurers not paying for it.

      BUT either way I feel like the drug is going to go up once the DEA reaches its decision, regardless of the fiscal cliff decison.

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    • Unscheduled would be fine. Remember DEA is only focused on the addictive nature and potential for addictive abuse when they decide what schedule a new drug should be. There are those who think DEA is considering this which would explain the delay. DEA would have to collect a lot of info to support decision since FDA recommended schedule IV. lets all hope a decision comes soon.

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    • Not sure either. I also have wondered the same thing, in fact. Would the market look at it as since it didn't need a schedule, how effective can it be or would they look at it and think, "Darn a pill that works and is deemed safe by the FDA and DEA".
      Also makes me wonder if it could possibly be sold someday without a script. I remember when Zantac was a perscrption drug, but can now be sold off the shelve. After going through 2 Adcoms I have to admit there were a few days I needed some Zantacs and a few Vodka tonics sweating those days out. lol
      Sorry, not an informed answer, but at least you know you aren't the only person who has wondered that.

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      • 1 Reply to daduke38
      • Isnt it something that all along shortie thesis is belviq is a sugar pill and fda will not approve, also rat cancer and valulopathy..But here we are waiting for scheduling of a novel new drug...I wouldnt worry to much about 4 or 5 or no scheduling at all, but fda recs 4 and dea will follow...Now shortie will say belviq will not sell very well because its a sugar pill and doesnt work...Well ones who have done dd know fda would not have approved in the first place if it didnt work! Shortie is in heavy and will say and do anything to keep sp down, they want it as low as possible to cover but volume is not there so they can cover without shooting sp up.....Funds and tutes are buying also..Something should change very soon..I want it scheduled so shortie cant say see it doesnt work and didnt need scheduling...100% of the time dea goes along with fda recs...Why would it change now...Shortie is like a woman who changes her mind all of the time

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