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  • omni1tsd omni1tsd Dec 20, 2012 4:27 PM Flag

    Senator Reid, the pot calling the kettle black agina

    Obama wants it to go off the cliff so he can then say repubs caused the massive tax increase when in reality it's just Obama and the dems allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire. Then Obama will come right back and issue tax cuts for the middle class just like the Bush tax cuts he just let expire and tell everyone he did it all thinking of us. Wow people indeed are blind when the facts bemoan Obama has spent more than any President ever with no end in sight. Add to that the simple fact that all the combined wealth of the USA's richest would only run the government for 7 months. How blind are folks to not see these simple truths. The real issue here is passing the tax cuts to the middle class for indeed we represent most of the population. Obama's $250K threshold will hit every small business in the US worth it's salt. Even if they start it at $1 million it will still kill small business and set the stage for the DC thieves to hit us for that's where the true cumullative wealth lies (that's right all working folks making $20 to $100K per year, that's where Obama will eventually land it. The class warfare hate the rich is just the impetus to get the ball rolling toward where they truly want it to be. It's easy to discern all the money taken from us over the years for SS/Medicare has been squandered on welfare locking in voting blocks but now many are reaching retirement age so the cons in DC must pull off a quick scheme to catch up for all they've squandered and that means us again paying ourselves back for money the DC thieves stole from us in the first place. Imagine if all that SS/Medicare had truly been invested and saved. There'd be so much there it would make your heart pound. We need to rid ourselves of the entire lot of DC bandits. Surely we can find 600 or 700 people much more smart to take their places. Imagine all the super intellectuals folks in this country that could quickly and easily resolve our problems if we could get these lifelong politicians out of the way.

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    • ^^^^ You are full of krapp. Fox News-indoctrinated. Opinions and slander, no facts or logic.

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      • And you must be another genius that seated a community organizer as POTUS with absolutely zip in real experience and has now ran the debt up over $16 trillion with Obamacare healthcare welfare yet to kick in 2014. Wow you are really sharp dude! Come on now boy and cipher for us tell us again about that BOY CLINTON surplus when the debt then stood at $5.6 trillion. Only a grade school ciphering Obama dem can count like that. Besides it was the Newt lead repub Congress that took Clinton kicking, screaming and trying to define 'is' to the woodshed daily unitl he did what they told him to do. I am praying Bohner can find the courage to let her go off the cliff for nobody deserves to be on the throne more than a dem and especially the biggest spender ever Obama. 100 years of primary dem party control have landed us here: 1913 dem Wilson uses trickery to ram through Federal Reserve Bank designed to leverage debt and strip our wealth through the secret tax of inflation; 1933 dem FDR feeds the Fed 'creature' it's first big debt load SS, 1964 dem LBJ feeds the creature it's second big debt load Medicare plus The Great Society welfare program handing us the 47%, and now Obama with the healthcare welfare bill surely to be the biggest debt load to the dem Fed creature bank ever. So come on now little dem boy cipher for us and tell us all what a true genius you is. HA! You seated a community organizer as POTUS and that's how truly naive you are. And what has happened? The community organizer plays golf, flies all over the world, makes ridiculous speeches of double speak as the nation's economy contiinues to crumble and he allows the leftist most wing of the dem party to run shod over him and us (i.e. Pelosi, Reid...) Now come on boy cipher for Uncle Jed!!! HA!! Go watch some Tina Bird Brain SNL/Jon Stewart/Bill Maher entertainment for that indeed is your IQ!

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