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  • mensa_is_me mensa_is_me Dec 21, 2012 10:30 AM Flag

    GOP Continues Making Fools of Themselves

    They sound like a broken record for the last 10 years. They emptied the treasury since 2000 and seem to think it never needs to be re-filled. Too-Low taxes caused 30% real estate losses, do they ever get it?

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    • So the only way to reduce the debt is to RAISE taxes and bleed our countries citizens out of more of THEIR money , or reduce GOV spending which a lot of waste and corruption is involved .. GREAT .. How about maybe creating some jobs for 20 million plus people out of work ?? How does that sound , to me if the nation collects taxes 20 million jobs , we won't have to raise taxes on anyone .. Problem is the people carrying this country for job creation will be the ones getting taxed the most .. I personally can't wait for unemployment to rise up to 20% .. This president loves to point fingers and create class warfare .. Message to all who have there taxes raised .. DON'T HIRE A SINGLE NEW PERSON , in fact layoff people if you must .. Learn to work leaner for the profits of your , I repeat YOUR business , not the governments business ,YOUR business .. Sounds bad but when a economy is on the brink of another recession , taxes should not go up on anyone .period !! Now when a economy is flourishing , fine raise taxes a little more .. Just think if a average middle class family is struggling to make bills , HOW IS SPENDING MORE MONEY THEY DON'T HAVE TO PAY BACK GONNA WORK ? Spend yourself out of debt ?? Anyone who thinks this works go ahead and try it ... Let me know how that works out for you .. The fix is stop spending , cut where you have to .. And implement smart cheap ways to put people to work , or create incentives for job creation and new business start up , not " hey you can start your own business but if it is successful , we're gonna tax the hell out of you " ..

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      • gwroz, If you are referring to my post, I said to raise taxes AND cut spending. They can still put a threshold on the taxable income. Otherwise, go to a flat tax. If they just stay stalemated, how in the hell is that going to do anything but dig us a deeper hole, and then you will see a deep recession if we don't do something. Like I said, they need to quit playing the blame game, and come up with a solution and the only way to do that is to compromise. I frankly voted republican this past election, but now they will let this country fail just to say "I told you so!" I despise all most of them because they are self-serving, greedy, hypocrites who only care about being re-elected. I hope that all of them lose their jobs in two years. We need an independent party who will advocate term limits and elect busissmen to run this country because it is a business funded by the taxpayers.

    • They just care for the top 2% richest Americans. End of story

    • You're kidding right, I was just offered a federal program that will pick up all my medicare additional costs plus give me $500 a year for dental plus cover 2 cleanings a year. I will also get 40 free trips a year to get these services no questions asked. Do I need it 'NO' is there any means testing NO will I take it NO why should every taxpayer in the US be forced to pay for me when I can afford to take care of myself. And you want to blame the republicans. You and the rest of the liberal weenies don't have a clue. Low information voters like you are ruining this country for our children and grandchildren..

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    • Take you stupid political agend somewhere else. This is Arna discussion board.

    • I seem to be in wrong place, thought this was Arena message board. Enough of the politics already.

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    • spoken like a true OBAMA supporter.
      do you have an OBAMA PHONE?
      Bet you do.

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