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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 26, 2012 1:18 AM Flag

    New ARNA Newspaper Article!

    Merry Christmas to all! Thank you to everyone who has been contributing solid info on arna.. I have been watching this message board for a long time and never had too much to contribute until today. I am from San Diego area and I picked up the U~T Business Section to see a new ARNA article published today on the top of the front page. Not sure if this will really influence the sp tomorrow but combined with the SA article on the 24th it is a possibility. Regardless of the impact, it is very encouraging to see media attention beginning to pick up. I am long ARNA and this has helped me regain some confidence after the relentless short pressure.

    The article's title is " arena advances with safer obesity drug"

    The article talks about what arena is, what they make, cash on hang, and their competitors (vivus, and orex). Provides info on the other companies but states that Belviq is safer, more promising, and is a completely new drug unlike the others which are just combinations of existing. It touches on the most recent DEA classification, along with FDA ruling. Gives quotes from Jack, and also Piper Jaffray.. Piper states the stock should be at $11.. also talks about Eisai and how successful they have been with past marketing and creating blockbuster sales. What I really was impressed about is that they brushed on the rest of ARNA's pipeline and their GCPR developments. Very, Very well written non biased yet pro ARNA article. To me this is a sign of great things to come very soon and I am happy to see info getting out to the public who might not have heard yet about either the investment opportunities or the weightless options for themselves or patients.

    May we be blessed in 2013


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    • Bump to Good Reading

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    • Thanks for the posting...very positive article.

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    • I just read the atricle!!! It is great news for ARNA!!!! Thank you so much, Happy holiday!!!

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    • thanks, i read it.

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    • You can read it on investorshub #15731

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      • Bios always get a tad better coverage from hometown area media outlets--it doesn;t hurt! We are so fixated on this stock and drug, but we have to realize that 250 million Americans don;t know squat about ARNA, Belviq, and they have actually spent the last few days gaining weight not losing it.

        This will all change in the next quarter, but for now its sleepy land after the punkin pie! We are as a stock and a drug readying to sell, actually under the total American radar for now, though its hard to believe reading this board! But things are going to change come early 2013! Bigtime!

        Rest up!



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    • Another positive article twenty 13 is looking good.

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    • Two positive articles in 2 days is a good sign. Thank you for posting it.

    • Is there an online version?

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      • Yes you can see it online by just coping & pasting the full title & google search it. It is on the top of page after clicking search. Thanks for this info to us from San Diego.

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        Technology used to develop Belviq may appeal to investors

        In the so-called obesity wars, San Diego’s Arena Pharmaceuticals lost the race with its main rival, Vivus, to get its weight-loss drug to market first.

        But Arena is ending the year with investors betting it will outperform Mountain View-based Vivus and a third competitor, Orexigen Therapeutics, also based in San Diego.

        Investors have been hot for all three companies, but hottest for Arena. Since 2012 began, Arena’s market value has risen 350 percent, to about $1.9 billion. During that time, Vivus shares rose about 36 percent, to reach a market value of $1.35 billion. Orexigen has risen 221 percent, to a market value of $438 million.

        Vivus’ drug, Qsymia, produces more weight loss than Arena’s Belviq, but Belviq is safer, said Ted Tenthoff, an analyst who covers Arena for Piper Jaffray. Doctors will weigh the risk and the need to lose weight for each individual patient, he said.

        While Belviq provides a near-term incentive to invest in Arena, longer-term value may come from the proprietary technology it used to develop the drug, Tenthoff said.

        Belviq acts on important molecules called G-protein coupled receptors, or GPCRs, that cells use to communicate with each other. Other drugs in Arena’s pipeline, for pulmonary arterial hypertension, thrombosis and autoimmune diseases, were developed with this technology.

        “The drugs are at a much earlier stage” than Belviq, Tenthoff said. “But they can make Arena an interesting long-term investment.”

        With the money from Belviq, Arena can reinvest in that pipeline, Tenthoff said.

        In contrast, the Vivus and Orexigen drugs are reformulations of existing ones, not the products of any underlying technology shared by other drugs from those companies.

        Belviq sales are expected to begin in early 2013. The drug will be sold by Arena’s marketing partner, Japan-based Eisai Co. Approval of Orexigen’s drug, Contrave, isn’t expected until the end of 2013.

        Belviq is for the obese, classified as those having a body mass index of 30 or greater; and for the non-obese overweight who have weight-related health problems such as Type 2 diabetes or hypertension. It’s to be taken in conjunction with diet and exercise.

        Unlike many weight-loss drugs, Belviq is not a stimulant, said Jack Lief, Arena’s co-founder and chief executive. It suppresses appetite by mimicking the neurotransmitter serotonin. Those who take Belviq can be sated even while eating less.

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