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  • gwrozellpainting gwrozellpainting Jan 15, 2013 2:36 PM Flag

    Explain why VVUS is up on our momentum.???....

    Why , ARNA making a run ... EU, launch, short squeeze .. Why is VVUS rising with our bread ..

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    • No volume = No conviction

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    • Because the main function of "Market Makers", is to rig the market for Hedgefund Skummbags these days.

      Creating a "smooth orderly market"... REALLY MEANS.... creating a "smooth orderly way to ROB RETAILER INVESTORS BLIND"!

      That's why.

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    • Well it is obvious they made 40,000 last q and they are set to make another 60,000 this coming Q and they get to keep 100% and they also get to pay 100% of the rems. And Arena only gets to keep 35% after they get paid up to 2billion dollars and arena only has to pay for the manufacturing of there drug they sell that they will get paid for once they are sold. Arena has only received 25 million and set to receive another 65million soon.

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    • VVUS is floating buyout rumors. They are desperate for something to happen since their scripts have been horrendous (13k) and are burning cash at a very high rate.They need 10x those scripts to be whole.

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      • VVUS is a piece of garbage and I would really be surprised if a big pharma would step up and buy them. They do not have a novel drug and the one they have has severe restrictions. Plus it has been rejected in Europe, so who wants those obstacles. They have no partners, and thus have not received or been promised milestone payments, based on benchmark results. Too many liabilities down the road with this product. They are burning cash, the product is not selling well, and they have major financial commitments (contracts) for marketing. Hmmmm!

        In my opinion, it's the long HF's that want this bought out, as they know the minute Belviq hits the market they are essentially done. Same HF's who are short ARNA, and I hope they burn in hell-o.

      • Where is this so called rumor , ? No one will buy a company with 13000 total scripts written in 3 months ... That's horrible .. No big pharm wants to deal with the hassle of spending cash or profit on post market tests ..or try to market with REMS, is anyone serious bought a buyout rumor, that's what it is a rumor , no truth behind if at all ... FDA tied Q hands with approval. REMS.. ,2 cheap generics,nasty side effects, birth defects,Now it is black sheep of weight loss drugs...

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