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  • danielrosenman danielrosenman Feb 4, 2013 9:32 PM Flag

    DEA delay = Schedule 5

    you heard it here first!!!


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    • This poster is a real moron that is interested in just seeing his user name in print. Never has anything of interest to say. Now that I've vented he goes on iggy

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      • A schedule 5 is a controlled schedule for OTC medications such as Robitussin with Codeine - available from the pharmacist in most states without a prescription just a sign in book. This med will NOT be OTC - at least not at this stage. Schedule IV is the least restrictive controlled prescription medication. After IV it is a non-controlled prescription medication. Scheduled medications 3-4 are allowed a 6 month supply (refills) a schedule II medication is allowed 30 days with NO refills. - you need a new prescription for each fill. A prescription medication non-controlled is allowed up to 1 year with refills.
        From least restrictive to most restrictive below
        OTC schedule V
        Prescription (non-controlled)
        Schedule IV - up to 6 months refills
        Schedule III - up to 6 months refills
        Schedule II - no refills
        Schedule I - no medical use and highly addictive (LSD) illegal (go to jail)

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    • Ridiculous comment. Even if it were true, which it is not, a Schedule V classification would not mean greater sales than Schedule IV, which is a pretty benign set of restrictions. How many folks find it hard to get a prescription for, for example, Ambien? If you are going to post on this board, make it sensible or you will trigger use of the Ignore button.

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      • Are you kidding with this response! First of all both FDA and dea have made their decision, now just following protocol. If you think for one minute that a bunch of BS that they got during the comment period from pumpers and bashers is going to change their mind, I want some of the stuff you are smoking. Makes no sense

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      • IAGO,
        I respectfully submit that a schedule V would mean greater sales of Belviq. In the state where I and others practice, Nurse practioners and Physician assistants cannot write Rx's for schedule V medications unless co-signed by a physician. Many of these practioners work in stand alone clinics and the physician reviews their charts but is not there to cosign on site. That alone will limit the prescriptions of these practioners for Belviq as well as ALL other higher scheduled drugs. Therefore, given the limitation, Belviq sales will suffer from the higher scheduling. I would love to see a schedule V as I am certian that NP's and PA's should not be limited in the prescribing of Belviq. It is safe for 95% and effective medicine for 75% of the population and these medical practioners are fully capable of discerning the 5% for whom it is not.

        How much more sales there would be is up for debate ( I say 3 to 4 % more sales ) but the fact that it would be avalable to more prescribers means more prescriptions.The restrictions of schedule IV over V are not completely therefore "benign".

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      • sorry guys, my apologies. It was a senseless comment to get the shorts annoyed.

        ARNA will be Schedule 4 , most likely (wink wink) .

        Has anybody actually done the DD to find out the history of DEA decisions where they took extra time like this. I know there hasn't been a weight loss drug FDA approved in 13 years, but come on, there's gotta be some kinda similar situation to this in the past

    • No way. It will stay Schedule IV just as FDA recommended.

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