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  • lukb4ujump lukb4ujump Feb 12, 2013 1:26 PM Flag

    Be nice to see Eisia show up today

    We don't need them to show up this stock has been approved and we are going through the last hurdle. We need them lining up the sales and focusing on getting the word out, not going to the dog and pony shows. These dog and pony shows are to get other investors and money managers on board the stock. Trying to get the truth about the drug out and the real potential out in the hands of those that can hold the short term bear raiders in a holding pattern.

    I do not believe anything new is coming from this meeting and those pumping such a thing are setting up a disappointment for themselves and others. Dog and pony shows are a regular thing when a CEO is trying to get support for their company and their stock.

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    • Yes but they have to say something to get the investors interest, other than what is already out in the community. So why even go if you do not have something to make the company look good. And the investors that are here now are long until the launch, yes the shorts that use naked are going to sell if there is nothing but that is why we buy there shares cheap even if they do not own them.

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    • See, nothing new. No big news release. These are the building blocks that the company needs to do to build its shareholder and investor base. These are the basics, and while we are waiting for the government to release schedule us we need to be doing this and Eisai needs to be in the offices of the doctors and working with the pharmacies to get space set up on their sites for Belviq. That way the demand will be there on the first day.

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