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  • fwiw999 fwiw999 Feb 12, 2013 4:50 PM Flag



    No communication skills whatsoever...does not exude confidence and he can't even speak in complete sentences....jack leif is not ceo material....he is a desaster as ceo and that's why the shorts and hedgefunds support him...jack leif must go....we can expect to test or break below $8 when he tries to speak tomorrow...what a jack #$%$zz for a ceo...


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    • I see your puttin a hold on the stk sooo i assume your a supporter of arna --- think about this -- jack has been with the co for 16 yrs and one of the founders .. He has been involved in every step that took this from a buck to where it is today -- he knows what he is doing and weve all profited from it if youve been long ,, personally ive made a ton on arna .. I do believe that weve only seen the tip of the iceburg on arna tho , and i would hate to leave the one that brought me to the dance only to discover that i had picked a nag to go home with !!!! Were right on target -- these things take time , many many things have been accomplished to get us to this point -- i dought any of us ole longs have any idea what kinda hoops jack and co have jumped thru to get us here ... Dont know about you but im happy with the progress and i would sure hate to change horses in mid stream -- we may not be an overnight millionaire but i firmly believe that sometimes the turdle does win the race !!!

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    • rjcheech Feb 12, 2013 5:54 PM Flag

      Listening to that call,my brain was telling me to stick a fork thru my eye because it"d be less painful.He is a disaster of a speaker.

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    • He is doing just fine, they have done a great job getting partnerships in place, getting it approved by the FDA and soon getting it approved in the EU.

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