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  • chrisanja chrisanja Feb 13, 2013 5:21 PM Flag

    Did Jack mention "DEA" contact or time?

    Like 'any day now'. LOL. I think they said that with original DEA in Oct and or Nov and it ended up Dec. 18th.

    Oh well.

    We wait.


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    • Chrisanja: I doubt JL knows any more than we do, and even if he did there are serious legal constraints on what market-sensitive information like that he could disclose from a podium at an investor conference. "Any day/week now" is probably as much as he knows and as far as he could go. Put it like this: If ARNA or Eisai asked DEA "how's it going", the answer they would get back is likely to be pretty much the same as the one investors get when they ask ARNA IR the same question.

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      • about sales JL said data would be followed very closely since there is no rems and available in stores at launch, also about dea we will just have to wait, could be after the 18th feb or the total 45 days, march 4th..I do think the waiver will be granted so march is final and effective with schedule 4

      • It is the waiting game that kills both long and shorts. It creates a fertile environment for FUD to play on emotions and fears. Everyone forgets the hardest part of this battle is over, we have an approval in hand and the DEA issued an initial scheduling of Belviq at IV per the FDA recommendation.

        People keep focusing on the wrong stuff, look farther out then today or tomorrow. Two months from today we should be in the market selling our drug a few more months after that we will have the first quarters revenue numbers out and the possible decision in Switzerland and the EU. More partnership announcements will come. The longer a buyout takes to come the bigger it will be so nothing to worry about there.

        Only concerns that longs should really have at this time is a slow adoption of Belviq, slow sales growth could hinder any real run up. No one knows how well it will do, longs believe that it will shoot out of the blocks, analysts have a very slow sales curve. I personally believe our sales curve will look like a hockey stick, slow at first then stellar growth as word gets out and successes start to be seen in the markets by doctors scripting it.

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