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  • jdolby32 jdolby32 Feb 15, 2013 3:00 PM Flag

    Not sure they can get the 8's in the next hour?

    But they will take it down to certainly reduce the premium. I actually thought this would drop just below 8 at one point today, but there must be some buying down here preventing that. Yes, it is predictable but nothing we can do. With DEA just around the corner, this has to move higher next week - just on the hype. There are 4K march 9's and 4.7K march 10's for now. JMO

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    • At least I got my order filled today. Can't tell you at what price 'til after the close so I can claim I got the shares at LOD....that's message board protocol. I will post the obligatory "Thank you for the cheap shares" later.

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      • I thought long and hard about one final purchase this afternoon to move from 90% to 100% of my maximal exposure to ARNA. Probably would have bought when it hit 8.25 briefly, but I was in a meeting... Anyway, I didn't... My hunch is that next week will NOT see the major PPS rise we're all hoping for, as we're still too far away from the most likely time of DEA closure (first few days of March in my view). But, given how much uncertainty there is about all of this, and continued speculation on various social media sites about DEA signing off "any day", a pop could happen anyway. Problem is there could then be a back-lash when nothing actually happens... I suppose this is a long-winded way of saying I expect there to be more volatility and higher volumes next week than there was this week. But quite where the PPS will be in a week's time is a #$%$-shoot frankly. My optimism is based around what I hope will happen in early March. At the moment, my PPS average is 8.54. If I can lower that a bit by another purchase I will...

      • Been waiting all day for my order to fill and did not think I would get the chance, But I do thank whom ever sold them shares as I will keep them in a safe place from now on. And again who ever thankyou

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