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  • crapman1933 crapman1933 Feb 18, 2013 1:13 PM Flag

    Eisai Launch info

    My neighbor who is an Eiasi sales manager just dropped off his kid so my wife can take them to the mall. Schools in NJ closed today. Launch meeting in Orlando FLA next week. Managers have to report Sunday evening to they can train Monday. Sales reps report Monday during the day and begin being trained by the managers Tuesday. They sill have to print the schedule on the insert and box. depending when the DEA releases the final schedule determines when the can sell. My neighbor thinks they must have printed at least a few thousand inserts and boxes so they are ready to go. they cannot begin to sell until the medication is in the pharmacy. he says the worst thing a company can do is allow doctors to write Rx for medication and the patient cannot get it. it takes 3 to 4 days to fill the pharmacies. it appears a best case is that the DEA gives the final schedule this week then they will have the packaging ready and the pharmacies full when the meeting is over. My neighbor feels this will be a good seller but it will take time. He claims they are just waiting at this point. no sales call have been made as it is not legal until it is fully scheduled.

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    • dea this week and launch march1...I called the hotel and and crapman is right, now we just need the dea out of the way

    • Crapman1933: Thanks for your post. I'm sorry that folks on this board abuse you and call you a liar. My earlier response to your post basically said I had no way to know if what you said was true, so I wouldn't comment further. But I have since seen your follow-up post about the hotel and additional details. As that is directly checkable, and somebody says they have checked it, that's good enough for me, so thanks. It doesn't change anything I'm planning to do, but it's good to know and is an interesting read.

      I'm sure you understand that there are some very aggressive people who post on this board, and they are more than capable of being abusive for no reason at all. It's the nature of the internet, sadly. And there ARE a lot of stories posted on here that DO turn out to be made up, hence some of the skepticism. Anyway, thanks again for going to the trouble to post an interesting story.

    • Thanks for the info, one would tend to think that Eisai has been preparing for the Launch say 6 to 9 months and we all expect that everything is set and ready to go as far as the managers or their sales representatives go.

      Like you stated there is probably a meeting at Hyatt Regency (I have not checked like you suggested) next Monday in case the DEA releases the Final Scheduling Decision. In a worst case scenario, I am expecting to tag another 15 days before the final DEA ruling will be out. Also hopefully the 30 Day Lag to effective date will be waived by the DEA. My sense is that there is a meeting next Monday February 25, 2013 and the DEA final ruling will be around either Friday March 01, 2013 or Monday March 04, 2013 in a worst case scenario.

      I think what you stated falls well with the 01/03 or 01/04 dates assuming the 30 Days will be waived.


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      • Tiger, I found crapman's post not worth responding to. It's either true or it isn't, and there's no way to know. It also doesn't tell us anything we don't already know... Your timeline and mine for the end of this tortuous process are in synch, and we'll just have to wait and see if we're right. After that, it's up to Eisai and how well they have spent the last 9 months planning for their launch.

      • Tiger, your welcome. I rarely post here. It seems just too much for many people to think someone could have a friend who works for Eisai. I live very close to the Woodcliff Lake HO. I speak with Eisai employees every day as we are friends with many of them. Medical Writers, FDA leasions etc. I only bought this stock because they told me about it one evening. I post some of what they tell me. Dont want to cross any lines here. I seem to get called a liar and everything else here. I just dont get it. people think i'm sitting here making this up? anyway I just want to say I have a lot of respect for what you do. I'm not a stock guy. just have this one but you seem to be a bright star on the board. have a great day. Oh ya, I have this fake ID because I had to respond to that chapman guy. Anyway thanks. I'm going to change my ID back and fade away.

      • Should have read "I think what you stated falls well with the 03/01 or 03/04 dates"

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    • we are in big trouble if they/eiasi sales force,/meet on sunday and train a day on monday.....realy,,,only a DA fool would believe your 10 year old tells a better story but funny though

    • I found the NJ school schedule and found many schools open today so even if this supposed meeting in Florida is questionable the fact that it is likely is probable and so I remain excited, optimistic and ready for these events to transpire.

    • the printer has all the files and most likely they are all printed..if not any large printer can run hundreds of thousands in a day,,cut and ship them in 2 more,,so thats a non issue

    • jdlaynlow Feb 18, 2013 1:19 PM Flag

      Schools are not closed in NJ today dropped the kid off this morning ( FULL OF IT )

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