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  • one_dogydog one_dogydog Mar 5, 2013 5:23 PM Flag

    Does really Belviq can cause tumors as found during animal studies???

    The company's statements claim that an advisory committee for the EMA (European Medicines Agency) is trying to find out more about Belviq's safety profile - specifically regarding its supposed "heart valve issues" and "psychiatric side effects" on top of the tumors that were found during animal studies

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    • this is a concern

    • First off, the only tumors caused that were more than the control group were benign. Recommend that you look that up Webster's. Benign tumors do not progress to malignant tumors. There were more malignant tumors in the control groups vs. the drug groups for the dosages of 7X and 24X human therapeutic dose.
      Thus one could also conclude that Belviq prevents malignant breast tumors. The only drug group that had slightly more malignant tumors in the drug arm vs. the placebo arm was at 87X human therapeutic dose.

      There are no heart valve issues as the drug arm and placebo groups basically had the same number of valvulopathy incidents. BTW, both groups had lower incidences of valvulopathy that is found in the general public. Take 100 hundred off the street, do an echocardiogram and guess what, it is likely that 3.5% of these people have valvulopathy. Since ~ 3.5% of the general population experiences valvulopathy issues.

      Some people in the human studies, a very low percentage has bouts of euphoria. Again take 100 people off the street, give them a red bull and guess what; I bet you get greater than 30% experiencing euphoria.

      There is no advisory committee for the EMA, there are for the FDA. The advisory committee's used by the FDA are not permanent employees. The EMA has a group called the CHMP (you can do your own research on what it means) that are comprised of members from each Country that is in the European Union. But again, you can read about how the EU approval process works for yourself. But what it shows doggie dumb doggie, is that you don't know dogdoo about what you talk about.

      So tell your HF Master that once again you were schooled by the CR killer!

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    • Ignored. Does really Belviq can cause? Wth?

    • Yes. If you are a female rat be scared. All other mammals don't produce the enzymes to cause this reaction. You really should do some DD, read posts on this board by Jeremiah33one, Suave9, and other, and quit trying to scare humans. We don't care much about tumors in rats.

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    • No. That was disproven long ago. The conclusive difference was between rats and humans DNA. Plus, rats don't have credible psychiatric side effects.

      Seriously, any good basher would attack the weight loss statistics & efficacy, not go after the safest drug to try to pretend some false issue is real.

    • Sorry about ur vvus but don't take it out on us poor arena guys

    • Yes, that is part of their role.
      They will do their own due medical diligence, find as the FDA did, that everything is good, and give us our richly deserved approval.

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    • Does really bashers Ignored can be? Let's out find.

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