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  • mofisher22 mofisher22 Mar 5, 2013 6:33 PM Flag

    Serious comment to all Doctors and Pharmasists

    I am a retired Health and Wellness instructor, and spent many years attempting to lead young people on to the direction of a life of fitness and wellness, primarily thru exercise and a proper diet. We are at a cross roads in this country, if something is not done soon about our obesity problem, and the dire consequences it will have on our health care system, our country may not be able to continue in the way we presently exist. Doctors, you will soon have the opportunity to prescribe the only drug that will be easily avaliable to your over weight patients. It is not a magic pill, but it will be able to help in this fight Please, learn all you can about it, and along with proper instruction of diet and exercise, prescribe and encourage your over weight patients to strive to lose the excess weight. Thank you for your time in reading this plea.

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    • I weigh 165, but I'm 5'5", so a little on the heavier side, I should be more like 130, my biggest problem is the cravings, it's like I'm addicted to food or something. I try to eat right, but I often find myself around bedtime just craving something sweet. I have 3 bikes and I try to ride my road bike as often as I can, but I am also finishing up my bachelors in Electrical Engineering and I have a small business so you can just imagine how busy I am... I also have a full time job, so no time to exercise

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      • You really need to allow yourself 30 minutes every day for a fairly brisk walk, that would help you and be a good start if you have not been doing any physical exercise. Also, look at what you are eating daily, you should make sure to cut down on fast food, sugar, substitute diet soft drinks for regular, get un sweet tea instead of sweet, cut out junk food, cut down on bread and potatoes, pasta. If you really want to take off some weight in a span of just a few months, try a low carb diet, which basically eliminates the things I mentioned above, lots of info on that diet on internet. good luch, ps, when it is availiable, also check with your DR. about trying belviq.

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      • That's the real issue - seriously overweight people have a psycological problem, not a physical one. If Belviq can help with the "urges", a diet program may be more successful than usual....Meanwhile, the "vanity" market will jump on this - those who want to lose 10-20 pounds, those already enrolled in Weight Watchers and other programs.. You are borderline - easy to make some small changes to what you eat - like reduce sugar and salt. And look at yourself naked every morning when you wake up - that's a good motivator!!

    • This is the thing that many people don't realize yet is the Belviq helps address food cravings and can assist patients with their exercise programs and healthy diet changes...... You're right it's not magic and it's not the same old whole body, metabolism ramping, fat burning, amphetamine approach. This is not a diet pill that you take to burn calories while sitting around doing nothing...... That's the beauty of it.

      This does not compete with things like Nutrisystem, JCraig, or WeightWatchers..... it compliments it.

    • give it up.

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