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  • daduke38 daduke38 Mar 19, 2013 11:10 AM Flag

    Any ideas?

    I never thought we would get this low ever again. Is this just manipulation or are we missing something? I am heavily long for a long time, but something doesn't feel right!

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    • Nothing has changed, we don't have any new news out. We are waiting for the DEA to finalize the scheduling so we can move forward.

      This is just a concentrated attack, they bear raid this slowly for over a week. Articles appear that slam the stock, another article comes out and says we have issues with preexisting HV which was blatantly misleading. More shorting and the price is brought down.

      Today was the day culmination of all the coordinated attacks, with a big drop on high volume taking out stops and creating even more margin calls. When I have seen this in the past it was usually followed up by a strong move up once the dust settled.

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      • This was a well orchestrated attack on every level. They planted the seeds of doubt with a few articles. Brought to price down. Put out a few more articles. Brought the price down some more last week into op ex. Margin calls started hitting folks, many chose to hold out for a pop back up. Then came the big FUD, problems with the preexisting HV, and then the big pounce on the bid. Bringing it down on high volume and creating fear for those with stops and margin calls. Folks are selling their stock and letting their options go for cheap.

        April 10 is under .10 with any news we could easily get back up over 10 bucks in a month.

        This is what happens when you take away the uptick rule, allow loop holes in the naked short regulations, grant special rules for those insider firms that FTD you basically take away the integrity of the markets.

    • When you post things like this, you are either causing doubt and frustration for yourself, or for others. If you doubt yourself, then go ahead and sell. If you're causing doubt for others, then go ahead and try.

      I'll just wait for the DEA, as I have.

      Like many other longs, I've got plenty of shares and will wait for the DEA and EMA to pronounce and see if the shorts get my shares then... maybe they will and maybe they won't.

      Not today, though. Sorry.

      chrisanja $7.61

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      • You are right, but just doesn't make sense to me. Not trying to cause others grief, was just wondering if I was missing something. Actually, in Nov. we hit $7.20 range for no reason.
        Will just be glad when the DEA come out, and the sales can begin.
        Still think long term, diabetis is what will make this a killer product.!

    • just add some at 7.25 and more at 6.05

    • it's wall street crooks working to take advantage of small investors

    • See what I just posted - I think it's forced capitulation, due to some long positions reaching a point of decline where institutional or personal policies mandate an exit. This is all about selling, some people literally giving up and moving on, maybe to come back later, maybe not.

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