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  • ruby_flipper ruby_flipper Mar 25, 2013 6:05 PM Flag

    SHORT INTEREST MID-MONTH FIGS disseminated tomorrow AFTER 4PM. Stay tuned!

    For anybody wishing to know, given the increased trading volumes over the past few days, FINRA disseminates the official SI figs twice a month, 8 (Business) days after the corresponding settlement dates;
    1. MID-month settlement occurs on or around 15th, hence SI is expected about 24th/25th, depending on where weekends fall.
    2. END- month settlement occurs on or around 30th/31st, hence SI is usually released in the first week of the following month.
    3.CALENDAR with the exact dates is available on nasdaqtrader
    Source: nasdaqtrader

    Let's see how much the Hedgies managed to accumulate this past week and how much further they have to go...

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    • chipcrt, I may have the context of this discussion wrong, but the numbers show short interest as of 3/15 at 61.3 million. That is an increase of little over 3 million shorts. Also you will notice the avg daily trade vol was higher (as seen in the past few days) which brought days to cover down from 13 to 11.

    • My guess is short interest is reduced to less than 52,000,000 shares
      We've been punked by the professionals...

    • I suspect the short interest will show an increased and if it is we can expect further volatility until sales figures come in .

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    • Well said ruby and agree. We have seen the PPs float between 8.79 and 7.39 for the past two months. I was in under disbelieve when we fell all the way down to 7.39. With out news, I see nothing stoping a similar fall from happening. Of course I hope I am wrong but nothing wrong with trying to gauge where the price might be headed if we will remain in this pattern.

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    • Well, I completely respect the point about doing DD, and basing your own decisions on as much information as possible. So, fair comment, and do what you think is best of course. Personally, I am a bit skeptical about the short interest figures because I question how precise they are, and because they are always out of date in a dynamic market. At best, they are a snapshot of what have been the case on one particular day. If there a way to monitor that kind of information, accurately, in close to real time it would be a different matter. But for whatever reason, the MMs don't share that stuff with the likes of us.

    • hedge_risk Mar 25, 2013 8:35 PM Flag

      Tell me how this news will affect your investment tomorrow?
      Could the data make you more bullish? What about bearish?
      Why do you care?

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      • Why are you so creepy?

      • HR, It won't affect my investment at all in the long term. However, that doesn't mean I'm not interested in what's going on. In the absence of any news I am interested in making a guesstimate of where the pps could be headed over the coming days. If tomorrow's S.I. figure has declined that, to me, indicates shorts could be slowly but steadily starting to cover their positions (they successfully drove the pps down, now they're buying up or borrowing shares) .. the DtC tells me how much longer they'll need and, consequently, the likely duration of the current upward trend in pps. Again, all in the ABSENCE of news...On the other hand, if the SI has increased, that tells me that shorts are continuing to pressure the stock to depress the price. Now why would they do that? All sorts of reasons - do they truly believe Belviq will be a flop? Or do they believe in the stock long term but want to buy into it pre-launch at a much lower pps,? (thus continuing their eternal cycle of pps suppression / share accumulation). Or does it indicate they they have information we don't???????Having watched the action over the past few weeks, specifically the manipulation that seems to have occurred, NOTHING surprises me any more. So, why should it matter to me?? Answer: Because, with my humble level of knowledge,I would be an UTTER FOOL, as a retail investor, to not want to arm myself with as much information as I can get my hands on from whatever sources are available to me. Does this help minimize my risk? Probably not. WS does what WS wants to do. I truly believe that. But at least if I die in the process, I die trying... GLTA

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      • You are quite right, it really does not matter... It's just another of this board's obsessions, but I can't see how it would change anyone's personal decision to buy, hold, short or sell. But, some people like the number, and if they want to have their fun...

    • Flipper,

      Just to add to your post.
      Google "NASDAQ Short Interest Publication Schedule"

      First URL at the top, for this cycle:
      Settlement Date = 3/15/2013
      Due Date- 6 p.m. = 3/19/2013
      Dissemination Date after 4 p.m., ET = 3/26/2013

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