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  • josephanastasiw josephanastasiw Mar 26, 2013 7:33 PM Flag

    MM were tired of sideway action today..

    Look at the PPS between gap up at opening and 2:00 PM. Basically a straight line. When the stock action is stagnant, the MM do not make that much money so they liven things up a little. For instance they start to drop the price with high volumne to see how people react. That was the first leg down at 2:00 today. With that drop people started putting stop losses in low 8's and that propagated the second leg down. Hence the .41 drop in last two hours. Now that people think there is bad news leaking or something like that they pull out. Now the market is clear to rise again and those same people will chase to get back in. It's a nasty game but one the MM have down well. Note to wise...always have a little money saet aside to buy some cheap shares and don't feel bad about taking proffits. Even if you sell and some news follows right after, you still made money and remember that people will ALWAYS sell the news. You will get another chance to get back in.

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