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  • dcjetski dcjetski Mar 27, 2013 9:28 AM Flag

    Given his current anti-obesity campaign, I am tempted to ping Bloomberg's office

    I'd like to know if this DEA review delay in on his radar, and if not to put it on there. As the DEA administrator, how'd you like to have him talking about the delay on "Meet the Press" or leading the charge on an official investigation? Once the story got some traction I think the press could run pretty hard with it considering the current government process witch hunt that is underway.

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    • fedupwithwallstreet1110 fedupwithwallstreet1110 Mar 27, 2013 11:32 AM Flag

      feel free to use my letter on rezajournal today

    • Pressure NEEDS to be applied from ALL ENTITIES, as DEA will understand politics, which is precisely how administrators GOT THEIR nepotism JOBs in the first place.......dragging this out indefinitely so the public will come begging for public servants to do their JOB! How sad government has become

    • Letter sent - NBC Nightly News got one for good measure too. I have a friend that works for CNN, thinking I will see if he can give access to a producer there as well. With a litle encouragement this thing can be brought to light on the big stage. If you have a skin in the game, do your part. Use the media to get the problem in the open and the politicians will take over. With a little pressure DEA admin will snap her fingers and scheduling will be done.

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      • dcjet- kudos to you for your efforts....... hope dea is not operating under malfeasance in this particular case..................... but, i would not bet on it with your money ! i would think the dea is aware they are tardy and under increasing scrutiny thereby putting them on notice that their delay can go on not much longer.............i would hope such is the case. we wont ever know just like we wont know who caused yesterdays flash crash. ..........sad...........finra knows who caused yesterdays flash crash......that i am convinced of beyond shadow of a doubtl.

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