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  • aharrybeatle aharrybeatle Mar 28, 2013 9:44 AM Flag

    Memo To Self

    Leroy: Gold should be soaring. With the Cyprus confiscation of good people's money, the bullion should be shooting up. With the market hitting new highs the miners should be hitting new highs. Neither is the case. Now there is talk of money market accounts dropping below a dollar, Maybe gold is not the safe haven we have been led to believe it is or maybe this is another example of an inefficient market and this is a huge buying opportunity for gold. Maybe we are seeing a flight to the dollar and a strong dollar is keeping the price of gold and other precious metals and commodities low. But if you have dollars, where do you put them? Not in the bank, not in Money Market accounts, not in the mattress, not in gold. There is something in the Bible about gold and silver being worthless and being thrown on the streets in the final days. Maybe I will go out and buy an Apple TV and a Boise sound system and afterwards go to the movies. Maybe I will buy some egg laying chickens and put them in the back yard. Maybe I will buy that assault rifle I have had my eyes on if I can get the ammo. Maybe Scarlet was right.

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    • Invest in high yield MPL stocks. I highly recommend CMLT. It is a well managed good quality, growth & income company. The have a good margin. Also, it is dividend growth company. In January they increase the dividend from $0.62 to $0.65 per share. I bought it in end of January at @ $32.5, got the quarterly dividend, sold it for @ $39 after good expansion news & the earning which exceeded analyst expectation. Currently, I am watching it for buying it back before the next Ex-Div. and earning dates.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • I'd bet Frankie is right. Seems you need to get laid. While I understand SteveH's opinion, I also believe WATER is a great long term investment. We will always need it, increasing demand in the face of increasing scarcity. But for now, a large parte of my fortunes hinge on ARNA. I've decided my exit strategy is to sell 1/3 in January 14. One third in 2 years and the rest, well, I have no exit strategy for those shares yet. There shouldn't be any doubt we will have a large supply of fat people.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • i think the assault riffleis a good investment,,,,,,

    • Invest in Oil & Energy........this is the only investment that drives economic progress across the globe. The price of oil, and energy demand is growing faster than new oil discovery. Oil and Energy resources are the NEW MONEY STANDARD to determine global economic growth in every developed nation. Those who have the resources will control world economics. For your wealth protection, invest in oil/nat gas sector with as much as 50% of portfolio assets. Coal is not dead either....found on every continent, new technology advances can produce clean coal energy cheaper, safer, and more enviro friendly than other energy forms to produce electricity. Technology that can 5x the known mineable coal reserves in the world.


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