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  • lukb4ujump lukb4ujump Apr 3, 2013 1:00 PM Flag

    Here are some numbers for those who say naked shorting still is not going on.

    Download the Current Fails-to-Deliver Data
    Report for the first half of March 2013 this is just 10 days folks reported in the rears on the SEC website.

    20130301|040047102|ARNA|70594|ARENA PHARMACEUTICALS, INC.|8.39
    20130304|040047102|ARNA|144896|ARENA PHARMACEUTICALS, INC.|8.34
    20130305|040047102|ARNA|177295|ARENA PHARMACEUTICALS, INC.|8.19
    20130306|040047102|ARNA|174507|ARENA PHARMACEUTICALS, INC.|8.54
    20130307|040047102|ARNA|593903|ARENA PHARMACEUTICALS, INC.|8.53
    20130308|040047102|ARNA|411828|ARENA PHARMACEUTICALS, INC.|8.46
    20130311|040047102|ARNA|74409|ARENA PHARMACEUTICALS, INC.|8.53
    20130312|040047102|ARNA|181849|ARENA PHARMACEUTICALS, INC.|8.63
    20130313|040047102|ARNA|526821|ARENA PHARMACEUTICALS, INC.|8.32
    20130314|040047102|ARNA|372522|ARENA PHARMACEUTICALS, INC.|8.12

    Total Number of Fake Shares Sold 2,728,624
    Total Value of the Trades $22,905,204.60 real money from real people
    Average Price Sold $8.39

    Think about this they sold shares out of thin air collected money from the person who bought the shares and really had no legal right to sell these shares. They were counterfeit shares, ghost shares that don't exist. Again this is just 2 weeks of failure to delivers, I have seen these numbers even higher in the past, much higher.

    Don't kid yourself this is going on big time and the brokerages and clearing houses are the apex of these trades, they know millions of shares our sold that don't exist.

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    • This stays on top!!!THanks,,

    • LB4UJ,

      One minor correction to your post.
      Re. "Total Number of Fake Shares Sold 2,728,624"

      The reported values of total fails-to-deliver shares represent the aggregate net balance of shares (meaning cumulative balance) that failed to be delivered as of a particular settlement date; therefore, should not be summed.

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      • This text file contains the date, CUSIP numbers, ticker symbols, issuer name, price, and total number of fails-to-deliver (i.e., the balance level outstanding) recorded in the National Securities Clearing Corporation's ("NSCC") Continuous Net Settlement (CNS) system aggregated over all NSCC members. Data prior to September 16, 2008 include only securities with a balance of total fails-to-deliver of at least 10,000 shares as of a particular settlement date. Data on or after September 16, 2008 include all securities with a balance of total fails-to-deliver as of a particular settlement date. The data include fails-to-deliver in equity securities.

        The values of total fails-to-deliver shares represent the aggregate net balance of shares that failed to be delivered as of a particular settlement date. If the aggregate net balance of shares that failed to be delivered is less than 10,000 as of a particular settlement date prior to September 16, 2008, then no record will be present in the file for that date even if there are fails in that security. If the aggregate net balance of shares that failed to be delivered is zero as of a particular settlement date on or after September 16, 2008, then no record will be present in the file for that date. Fails to deliver on a given day are a cumulative number of all fails outstanding until that day, plus new fails that occur that day, less fails that settle that day. The figure is not a daily amount of fails, but a combined figure that includes both new fails on the reporting day as well as existing fails. In other words, these numbers reflect aggregate fails as of a specific point in time, and may have little or no relationship to yesterday's aggregate fails. Thus, it is important to note that the age of fails cannot be determined by looking at these numbers. In addition, the underlying source(s) of the fails-to-deliver shares is not necessarily the same as the underlying source(s) of the fails-to-deliver shares reported th

      • Tiger did you see Arena's latest SEC filing and what is your take on it?

    • Thanks for the post Lukb4, I don't trade options, nor do I follow all the angle's and information of short trading practices. I have enough to do conducting research, and following my portfolio, and looking for new opportunity. I truly appreciate the input from other's who make a serious effort to uncover short trade data.
      Especially for short term ARNA investors who got on the bandwagon above $8, this is an important piece of information....the milestone events will overcome as ARNA becomes a success. You have to trust, and believe the CEO is on track, and will deliver. Patience and confidence will reward you......long 4 plus years.

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    • Luk, Thanks for very interesting and informative facts.This needs to be on top.

    • Great thread.

    • The problem is that these dealers control many accounts and continuously "roll" their short positions between accounts BEFORE their FTDs actually ever are forced to be closed out. These can, although technically illegal but never enforced, sell short without ever locating and borrowing shares.

      The only thing that can actually hurt them is paper losses, or a run up in pps. This can easily spiral out-of-control on them! One of these days... a little extra buying demand and a few shorts deciding to cover and BAM a few more shorts will panic and then BAM after a 15% move a few regular shorts (ie. on portfolio margining) will be Forced bought in (margin call) with "market orders" and then RUN BABY RUN ~ RUN ARNA RUN!

      It'll happen... sooner than later...

      Great read: conterfeitingstock dottie come

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    • I saw the same set of data from However, I also saw the following disclaimer ...

      “Please note that fails-to-deliver can occur for a number of reasons on both long and short sales. Therefore, fails-to-deliver are not necessarily the result of short selling, and are not evidence of abusive short selling or “naked” short selling.”

      So how do we conclude that all of the fail-to-deliver is due to “naked” short selling?

    • call the cops...we all need a MM to go down

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      • They pay a bunch of professors and academics to write reports and testify before congress that the up tick rule is out dated and not needed. That the market is efficient and can not be manipulated. They say that shorting adds liquidity which is not true they say it does not distort the supply and demand curve which is an out right lie. But after all these are some of the smartest people in our country saying its ok.

        But did they disclose that Wall Street paid them big bucks for the consultancy? I have met a few of these professors in my time that have stated they didn't and don't believe what they wrote. But they were paid to present a position and support it academically and they did that. Some of these fees can be deep in the 6 figures.

      • Cops won't help they are not breaking the law, they had the laws written in their favor and to assist them in their games. Legalized Plunder is what it is called.

    • LUKB, you are so right about the illegal naked shorting going on with arna....These guys are like the devil they dont want to be exposed and when you get people calling you names and you dont know what your talking about are the people who are doing the illegal things, they hate the light to shine on their activities. keep it up

    • Enough fails–to–deliver in a given stock will get that stock on the SHO list, (the SEC's list of stocks that have excessive fails–to–deliver) – which should (but rarely does) see increased enforcement. Penalties amount to a slap on the wrist, so large fails–to–deliver positions for victim companies have remained for months and years.
      A major loophole that was intentionally left in Reg SHO was the grandfathering in of all pre–SHO naked shorting. This rule is akin to telling bank robbers, “If you make it to the front door of the bank before the cops arrive, the theft is okay.”

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