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  • red900901 red900901 Apr 5, 2013 12:11 PM Flag

    hedge_risk is a hedge fund lackey who is here to harvest your trading plan. Wake up people!


    He is bad news. He is here trying to manipulate you and steal your trading strategy. When you complain about the people strangling this stock, it's hedge_risk you're talking about. He uses HFT to scam retail investors in ARNA. Watch your back. He is bad bad news.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • you guys are just foolish to think a hf pro would waste his time on a ymb...Youve done your dd on arna so stick with that unless it changes...All thought we would not get fda approval but we did and we will get the scheduling from the dea..We will be on the chmp agenda soon and approved or not..sales will come in and then we can gauge how they will do by channel checks...One thing for sure is shortie has backed himself into a corner..Cost to borrow is thru the roof and hard to locate, over 60 million shares short, no sellars at these levels at all just churning by the mm....Will longs sell at 12-13, I dont think so.This will pinch the shorts very hard, so why bother with a self proclaimed hf pro talking thru his #$%$

    • I agree with rckings, as a matter of fact if he is making money off of the drivel that the majority of the posts are, sign me up for the hedge_risk Seminar.

      Hedge_Risk Seminar: The Seminar is very expensive, but the insults are free!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 2 Replies to john_buhrmann
      • And I agree with all the posters except Red, who I have on ignore but can guess what he says... We should also not forget Red's claim that H_R employs (i.e., pays) Todzun, vanmusicblues and other assorted investing luminaries to post here... A recipe for making money if ever there was one...

        The problem (well, one problem) with this board is that are a few people, some via multiple IDs, who try to shout/thumb down anyone who expresses intelligence and does not use phrases such as "Go ARNA, to the moon, $100 tomorrow, death to AF, disembowel JC, etc". That's why I use the Ignore button so extensively.

        If you don't like what H_R posts, don't read them. But many of us do find the insights valuable, as part of a learning curve about the world of the pros.

      • hedge_risk Apr 5, 2013 1:03 PM Flag

        at the seminar, I will be handing out mouse mats with the muppet show stenciled on it. I will be paying someone off to sign each one under Ms. Piggy, as Red900901 in pink Sharpie.

    • Sorry, I disagree. I doubt he could make a dime with 90% of the BS that's posted here. Agree or disagree with him he has his facts together and is very knowledgeable.

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