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  • quarterly_earnings19 quarterly_earnings19 Apr 8, 2013 12:03 PM Flag

    heres the deal...

    ARNA was never a short term trade stock if your smart. If you bought in after the FDA pop hoping to make a quick buck you were wrong IMO. This type of stock is all about LONG TERM INVESTING.

    so with that said who cares about when the DEA approves schedule IV (it will be schedule IV). whether its today, tomorrow, next week. It does really matter because it will be approved eventually and then sales will start, and that is when the fun really starts. It is ALL ABOUT SALES. You cant justly compare ARNA to VVUS right now because ARNA has no sales yet.

    IMO the best approach is to be patient and wait to see the sales come in, at that point everyone will have to use their own judgment as to if they want to hold or sell. But I do believe some fellow longs will hurt the pop because they will sell after DEA approval, which is not the right move IMO.

    This stock will climb, slow and steady wins the race.

    Im in three biotechs right now. ARNA, ACRX, and ATHX. It is all about catalysts in the biotech market, and for ARNA the next big step will be sales. Patients is key. Good Luck.

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