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  • danfinn61 danfinn61 Apr 10, 2013 8:01 AM Flag

    Hedge_Risk Employed To Divide and Conquer:

    Hedge_Risk Employed To Divide and Conquer:
    Shorts have given Hedge_Risk the job to persuade retail to sell now or suffer the consequences later; he’s employed the usual divide and conquers technique which is a powerful tool in solving a difficult problem. D&C is a system that requires a way of breaking down the problem into sub-problems. Those sub-problems HR targets are the bloggers that post intelligent information on the YMB and we all know who they are so there’s no need to name them.

    Hedge_Risk is a skilful individual and a master in the powers of persuasion. Tactic number one is sharing information with his sub-problem group personally (top secret stuff and not for the masses might I add) psychologically conditioning them as special. We all know a few Generals who lost the run of themselves using this system.

    IMO the selling will start at $13.50 and some longs will be delighted to get out with a profit. Then there’s longs think $18.50 plus is a fair price. No real money being made right now long or short even the day traders are finding the going tough.

    Anybody with a half a brain knows where this stock is going in the medium to long term, multiplies of where it is right now.

    So Hedge_Risk in the dominion of the hierarchy where do you fit are you the real thing with you money at risk or just a poor boy trying to make a dollar?

    Use those persuasive skills you have to convince those you work for to finally wake up to reality, discuss with them their actions are going to unravel sooner or later and bring upon them financial Armageddon, change course or watch their imminent demise.

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    • edimartino Apr 10, 2013 11:37 AM Flag

      Dan these WS guys that run money would sell out their mothers for five bucks. That tells me all I need to know.

    • Danfinn, I respect your posts in general, but I truly believe you are wrong on H_R and why he posts here.

    • From one Dan to another, you would be wise to pay attention to what HR has to say. I do agree that it is always wise to take things on this board with a grain of salt, however, it appears you might have already had a drink of Reza's cool aid. Best of luck to you Dan

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      • 1 Reply to danreeves1982
      • Thank you for your advice Dan, but I’m not a servant to my emotions when it comes to trading, the bottom line will be the compensation to shareholders Arena is capital efficient and will be measured by how much cash it generates.
        Buffet looks for cash-gushing companies and I see Arena as excellent long investment.
        I have no issue with HR, Reza or anybody else on the YMB it’s easy to decipher who is long and who is short.

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    • hedge_risk Apr 10, 2013 9:22 AM Flag

      Danfinn- nice manifesto!!
      I am flattered by the thought you put into your post.
      But Alas, I am only employed to make money as opposed to manipulating the minds of YMB posters.
      I have chatted with people off the board who I have found to be engaging posters and have been impressed with their real life careers and backgrounds. With those posters, I share mine. I believe it's fairly common practice.
      As for your trades or anyone else's trades on here (with exception to our budding Nobel prize winning author, Ted900901), I hope you make piles of money long or short. I truly only care about mine and the couple of people I have had the pleasure of meeting. Your trades will not affect mine and mine should not affect yours.

      This board is obsessed with Shorts and Hedge Funds. 99% of the posters couldn't name three types of hedge fund management - I have tried to help the board understand the short thesis and how a short book is run.
      My intent was to share information, not manipulate minds. I have been running money for 15 years, if you want to affect a stocks price through information, you go where the money is, it's not on the YMB.

      Good luck in your trades. There aren't any aliens in control of any hedge funds trying to sneak into anyone's brain.

    • Dan: Who knows for sure? But if you are committed to that scenario listed above regarding his goals, then just put your fingers in your ears or patches over your eyes and then his effectiveness drops expotentially! Seriously! I read all and take all with a grain of salt. In the end ya must trust your own instincts and DD! When I do--I win more than I lose!



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