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  • tomiczekpete tomiczekpete Apr 17, 2013 3:38 PM Flag


    Has anyone considered that the money of big pharma could be behind all the delays? Belviq is a drug that one day will have multiple indications. It may one day be the go to drug to treat diabetes as well. It could also do the job of the many hypertension drugs that are already on the market. It also can adequately cut cholestorol numbers as well. Belviq could possible replace several of big pharma's revenue winning drugs in the not so distant future. This is not a development that they would like to see happen anytime soon.

    Do not underestimate the power and money of big pharma. They have done many illegal things over the years to protect patent expirations and have done other things to keep revenue streams alive that should be long gone. It is well known that they all have patent expiration issues and they will fight to get the max out of what is currently in place.

    This leads to the question are they behind the delays at the DEA? One cannot be sure, as it would be impossible to prove right now. Perhaps, in the near future we might know more! If Belviq is really a quality drug with possibly multiple indications, maybe the easier route would be to just buy Arena outright. I am not sure if this is possible due to the arrangements with Essai, but as the delays draw longer, it will be really interesting to see how this plays out in the end!

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    • i can see the fast food industry(mcdonalds,Pepsico) companies that produce obesity, diabetic drugs. Big tobacco. Weight loss industry. why would they want belviq to be available? A drug that gives a person will power? so I can just eat only one Dorito? It may be conspiracy theory with no foundation, but stranger things have happened in this country.

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    • shut up tom and start pumping. this dead beat #$%$ can needs it.

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    • I think a slimy big pharma co could attempt to hold the price at a level only to attempt at a takeout but I don't think big pharma follows the day to day like we do. I don't think big pharma has anything to do with DEA scheduling, big pharma may have a little slim but! they don't try to buy gov agencies .... never happen. All good things will come from this product

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      • Actually I could see Eisai try to hold a price at a level to place a bid later. I know I know, they can't place a bid until another company does first, I don't buy that. Just adjust paperwork and go with it. Easy for an over seas co.
        This is all just typical gov taking forever to get er done. Took them 15 years to finally stop Sat mail delivery and it still hasn't stopped yet! what do they say, it takes a new drug approx 12-17 years to finally get to market. Welp, Arena still has the safe drug, I'm still up around 300% and I don't care who's gambling with Orex or VVUS

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