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  • bioimmunomabman bioimmunomabman Apr 24, 2013 4:41 PM Flag


    Sorry folks, I couldn't take the delay any longer, I called and emailed the DEA. I was reasonably respectful on both the voice message and email. This delay has gone on long enough and the scheduling needs to be completed.

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    • I'm sure the DEA says "hey people are losing money on this stock, we better approve it". Seriously.

    • at this point there is no other option than barraging capitol hill, doj . when arna was rejected by the fda many on the board worked tirelessly filing complaints with the inspector general of the fda, congress, the sec etc. it was necessary to curb the outrageous bias of the fda against arna. it would be very difficult to argue that this activism was not the reason the fda changed course. in the case of the dea, the wise men and women of this board have advocated for no activism. this is odd because all americans know that Washington works by pressure groups advocating the hell out of whatever is in their interest. eg, the nra so in dc the meek don't inherit the earth. I don't thing the dea is doing anything illegal or unethical, but that isn't the real issue. it is that this review process has taken tool long and unless outside pressure is applied, there is not telling how long this process will take. the recent redacted document probably enabled the dea t o sit on all of the comments until the fda got back to them. its your money. are you going to wait until q writes 50000 scipts a month before belviq sees the light of day. what are you going to do about that.

    • Power to people! I called once, left a message, no call back. I wrote both of my senators, one of them twice, no response. Have thought of calling them. If I lived nearby, I'd shake DEA house in person. Regardless of all the possible scenarios - games - manipulation - VIVUS - Cramerreamer - Hussein Obamasalama - Leif - HFs - HFTs - alien invaders.....this has gone one for far, far too long. We need a statement from someone in the system - DEA - ARNA - FDA - hell, even the NBA if that's what it takes.

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    • Sadly your right and sadly your wrong, jack our ceo has done nothing to show he even cares about us or pps. vvus ceo worked on fda until they got what they needed. jack is silent and scared to even talk to us. he needs to be fired so stock can take off

    • I am sure you call will get it done. You people crack me up.

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