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  • chrisanja chrisanja Apr 26, 2013 8:59 AM Flag

    Official DEA day count - 101 *if* today (official post would be Monday)

    Wanted to post this in a new thread. Not that it helps, but we are over 100 days.

    4/26 - 1/18 = 98. *IF* posted today, it will be official on Monday - Days = 101

    Now, over 100 Days and counting.

    DEA Review 146
    COmments 30
    Final schedule 101
    (Lag to effective date) 30*
    Total 307*

    * If waiver granted, total = 277

    Drug DEA Review Comments Finalschedule Lag to effective total
    Lunesta 22 30 19 0 71
    Lyrica 32 31 45 0 108
    Vyvanse 90 32 38 32 192
    Nucynta 75 30 63 32 200
    Vimpat 86 30 42 32 190
    Lusedra 139 32 43 30 244
    Lorcaserin 146 30 101 30 307

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    • I had independently found this info doing a search on the DEA scheduling process. Posted on IV...but you were first!

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    • I'm beginning to wonder if DEA=

    • Love to see this as an article or a 60 minute segment. You do need a hook to get people interested. What about spinning this as an example of the purposeful slowdown in a government agency after the sequestration budget cuts. They could then look at the total cost of obesity medical conditions over this time delay and extrapolate what this delay has cost our society Finally they could interview one or more doctors (Dr. Daniel, UCLA) along with several of their overweight diabetic patients that have been waiting almost a year for this medication. Hate to say it, but the panel might include the widow of someone who recently died of obesity complications Throw in the VVUS/Day conspiracy angle and you have yourself a story.that no porducer could refuse.

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    • Chris... it's possible your move to expose the Wesley Day letter on 60 Minutes will backfire and lead to another hundred day delay

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      • You know, I thought about that at about Day 50. Whether bringing WD to light would actually, Delay the DAYs where this would ultimate culminate. After about 70 or 80, and not hearing from anyone, I figured, what-the-heck. After 100 DAYs, well, what does it matter.

        If the DEA is not happy with shining a light on their processes, then so be it. If you are quiet, nothing happens. I tried that. Maybe if you raise up the issue, then someone will notice.

        Seriously? 100 Days to review comments by amateurs?

        I'm not convinced it was THE Wesley Day. As others have said, it would be really stupid and Wesley Day is reportedly a smart guy. Who knows, the 'author' property may have been planted by some other person.

        I do know that many professionals reviewed this in the FDA and many professionals reviewed this at HHS and DEA.

        If 22 negative comments by amateurs can cause a 100 day delay, what happens when the DEA gets 6,000? What is to stop that from happening next time?

    • Not 101 Dalmations. Just 101 'Days"

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