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  • jdsstevens55 jdsstevens55 May 1, 2013 6:31 PM Flag

    Why Reza is a nutcase, stupid and a coward all rolled into one moronic package!


    This is his post about me on the IVB. Since I wanted to spare them RG1 (as he goes by over there) going on one of his lunatic rages over there, I thought I would entertain you with my response to this jackass here on the YMB since it is basically like the ol' Wild West.

    Some advice for FedUp, RG1, Reza, etc, etc, etc,

    1. There is a difference between IVB and YMB.
    2. There is a major difference between serious posts and exaggerated BS posts. Smart people, not you can tell the difference between a serious JDS post and a exaggerated kick butt Phillydan post.

    Part 1 - Reza's post about me on IVB.
    Arena management were very happy about this. Some of them that I met later that day complemented me and they absolutely didn't have to. I was also told that I got a standing ovation in the Eisai/Arena viewing room. Of course all this has been turned around into FUD and hatred by various wackos.

    I met some of the Arena executives for breakfast -- one said as we shook hands and got acquainted that he really thanked me for my AdComm speech. Let aside the wackos who say oh he was just lying and #$%$ like that. X actually lied about this scene. He said you ran up to him and asked "how did I do" -- that is a TOTAL LIE. I had even forgotten about it. The executive brought it up. He absolutely didn't have to. And he was not lying. He was a sincere man. He absolutely didn't need to and didn't have to. Anyway, sore subject -- I'm just so fedup with that guy publishing lies.

    Just today or last night he wrote that NEGATIVE COMMENTS WERE POSTED ONLY AFTER ADAM'S ARTICLE. THIS IS PURE HORSESHIT. The proof is in the pudding -- take adam's article date and the dates of the comments. There were several negative comments before Adam's article. This guy has lied so much it's beyond comprehension.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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